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A Kunoichi orgy including all the hottest women of the Leaf – it’s everything Naruto has wanted… too bad he wasnt invited to join!

Naruto Hentai

We carry on with Naruto wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a few hot three-way fuck episodes to go with the habitual fuck galore… Sakura One awesome cum-drinker and displays the truly unique abilities in riding with her ass… Naruto hentai characters ae here anew with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will get your dick stiff…

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really hot and sexy pink haired kunoichi sakura from naruto getting fucked hard by teacher while wearing tight miny shorts

Naruto Porn

Heavily jugged babe f rom Naruto cartoon is shaking under hard pussy penetration inside!… Check out and the raunchy ways of superheroes’ private life presented to you by… Cpulating in the Naruto sex porn show is the most delightful and definitly the most bizarre…

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hot sexy kunoichi ninja Hinata hyuga from naruto getting fucked hard by shiba doggy style

Naruto Hentai

Some very particular release of Naruto craze the most fuckable personages of this show get into various sex situation… tv-show is the most pleasurable ‘s definitly the most bizarre and ;) Watch the superhero porn action catered by Naruto sex…

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Ino, Yamanaka Ino performs her duties as the kunoichi of konoha team 10

Naruto Hentai

Insatiable teens from Naruto series are ready for it, ready for non-stop fucking action, ready to suck, for their cum holes to be plugged and to squirt! ;) Fucking in the toon is truly hot ‘s definitly the most bizarre and . Lascivious whores of Naruto sex toon anxious to do their best to make visitors satisfied!

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The kunoichi of konoha love the new Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Uzumaki and Naruto loves his kunoichi

Naruto Cartoon Sex

Nicely equipped whore from Naruto cartoon is bobbing from a hard cunt shag in this sex toon report!! Feels like dick-craving babes haven’t been poked and in ages!! Fucking in the Naruto sex piquant rendition is truly hot and the greatest ;)

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Haku, A young Haku obediently on her knees sucking her master Zabuza’s cock as payment for training her in the kunoichi arts

Hinata Porn

Some of those Naruto heroes that refuse to control their overmastering lust for another second and get right down to their naughty pursuits!. Sakura Here for you is a hot instance and of the most uncontrolled immoral that are bonking ;) Naruto sex chicks have always been well-known sexperts at getting loose with on huge manly stubs giving their partners and themselves loads of wet soaking jollies.

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Naruto Porn Story: The Hit

Naruto Porn Story: The Hit

”Tsunade-sama!” Shizune shouted as she hurried into the Hokage’s office, carrying a bunch of folders and paper. ”Tsunade-sama!” she repeated, opening the double doors. She found the fifth Hokage of Konoha, Senju Tsunade, sleeping, resting her head on her desk, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth. Shizune sniffed and cringed, smelling the strong odour sake, Tsunade’s favourite beverage.

”Tsunade-sama?” Shizune repeated, slowly making her way to the sleeping Kage. The blond did not respond. Shizune went for the bottle of sake on Tsunade’s desk. Instantly, a hand shot up and grabbed her firmly by the wrist.

”Hmm?” Tsunade woke up, looking up to her secretary and first student. ”What is it, Shizune?” she asked, letting go of the brunette’s wrist, ”And don’t tell me it’s more paperwork, cause I;m done for the day!”

Continue reading

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Naruto Porn Story: Temari and Tenten’s rematch

Naruto Porn Story: Temari and Tenten’s rematch

“Huh, that all you got?” Temari taunted her Chinese opponent with her trademark smirk. “Don’t underestimate me! Things aren’t going to work out the same way this time!” Tenten replied. After the chuunin exams and Tenten’s humiliating defeat, the young weapons enthusiast had trained for three long years, never forgetting the smug look on the sand kunoichi’s face. And now that the goddess of wind stood there in front of her three years older three years stronger and somehow sexier? Tenten couldn’t believe where her mind was taking her in the middle of a fight, to a fireplace where her and the beautiful blonde ninja before her made sweet, passionate love. “DAMN IT FOCUS TENTEN” the young Chinese girl screamed inside her head but it was already too late. Temari swung her fan, sweeping all her scrolls and weapons away in a single swing. Continue reading
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Naruto Porn Story: Tenten’s Chunin Exam aftermath

Naruto Porn Story: Tenten’s Chunin Exam aftermath

Tenten jerked awake, rewarded with her sudden movement with a jolt of pain that shot threw her body making her squeeze her eyes shut once more. Where am I? She thought slowly opening her eye’s. The last she remembered, she had been fighting some girl from the hidden sand village. What had her name been? Temari? She couldn’t remember. Not that she really cared or anything right now. Right now, her biggest priority was figuring out where she was. She eased up on to her elbow taking in the white room. The weapon expert looked around, there was a chair beside her bed, a white curtain pulled closed around her and oh, no wonder the curtain was closed, she was top less… Wait, top less? She glanced down at her self and yep, she was defiantly top less. Defiantly. Tenten quickly pulled her covers up to cover herself, noting that someone had just walked into the room. She could see their silhouette through the white curtain. They were standing right in front of the curtain, all most as if they could see her through it. She blushed, the silhouette looked familiar. Familiar in a bad way. “Who are you? Who’s there?” called Tenten, getting a chuckle in response. The curtain was pulled back by none other than Temari herself. Tenten blushed, “W-what do you want?” The blond kunoichi smirked, walking closer to her, pulling the curtain closed as she did so. “Oh, nothing much. Just to see if you were ok or not… And by the looks of it. You look just fine. Fine enough to go another round…” Tenten went wide eyed, “I’m not fighting you agian right now! I-!” Temari cut her off by pressing her lips to the younger brunette’s. She pulled back smirking, “Who ever said anything about fighting?” Tenten blushed, staring at the sand kunoichi in shock. “Wha- wha- what just…?” Temari smirked, reaching up and stroking her face. “What just happened? I just kissed you and now your going to return the favor. Aren’t you sweetie?” Purred the older girl as she moved in for another kiss. Which Tenten found herself leaning to as well. Eagerly at that. Temari moaned as she felt Tenten running her tongue across her lower lip, asking for entrance, which she granted. As Tenten’s tongue roamed Temari’s mouth, Temari’s hands started roaming the younger girl’s body. Pulling the sheet the had previously been covering Tenten’s chest down so she could get a better view and feel of the bare flesh, which looked oh-so-tasty to Temari. Tenten suddenly twitched from the sudden feel of cold hands of her breasts, which grew hard from the contact. Temari smirked at her, “Sorry, are my hand’s cold?” Tenten nodded, blushing, “Not that I mind or anything… You just surprised me…” Temari’s smirk widened as she pulled her self on to the bed with Tenten, straddling the younger girl, “Good… Because my cold hands are fixing to touch other things that are much more sensitive than your breasts…” Tenten’s blush turned an even darker shade of red as the older sand girl started slipping the sheet further down, revealing her totally naked body. Why am I all ready naked? She inwardly questioned herself as Temari’s cold, wandering hands started spreading her legs. “Uh…” The blond girl looked up at the brunette, “What?” Tenten ‘hmph’ed slightly, “That’s not fair, Your still completely dressed.” She smirked, “Oh, do you want to see my body? Well then…” Temari sat up on her knees, undoing the buttons on her short pink dress, stopping only to untie her sash then removed her dress all together. Leaving her mesh on. “Is that good enough? Or do you want me to take my mesh shirt off too?” Tenten nodded, with out her shirt, Temari would be completely naked as well since she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear. The older blond rolled her eyes, removing the other article of clothing. “There now, happy?” Tenten nodded, looking the sand kunoichi up and down. She had a very nicely develped body in Tenten’s opinion. Temari’s smirk returned as she went back to doing what she had been doing before, parting Tenten’s legs. Tenten shuddered as she felt Temari’s cold hands stroking her already wet region. Temari smirked, “You get excited easly don’t you sweetie?” Tenten blushed, ‘hmph’ing again. Temari frowned, but then smirked, inserting two of her fingers in side of Tenten. The younger kunoichi gasped, yanking her body back slightly, “Ah!” Temari’s smirk grew even wider as she started pushing her fingers in and out of the smaller girl slowly, getting a very nice moan out of her. Then another and another. Soon, Tenten was moaning Temari’s name, begging her for more. When Temari’s hand was nice and drenched with Tenten’s juices, she pulled her finger’s out, “Mmm… Now that’s tasty. I think I want more.” Purred Temari as she leaned back down to Tenten’s wet hole, sticking her tongue in side of her in place of her fingers. Tenten moaned, arching her back. “Oooh, yes! I’m coming!” And like she said, she came all over Temari’s face, making her chuckle, “Yes, very tasty.” She said, licking her lips. “Want a taste?” Tenten sighed, a light blush having just spread over her cheeks, “Yes…” She murmured as Temari crawled further on to the bed, “Then have a taste…” Whispered Temari, pressing her lips to Tenten’s. “Mmm, that is good…” Moaned Tenten as Temari started trailing kisses down the other girl’s body, “Hmm…” She took Tenten’s left breast in to her mouth, suckling on the nipple until it got hard, then swapped to the other one. Tenten moaned, suddenly getting an idea. She reached down, pulling Temari away from her breasts, “Is there a problem Tenten?” cooed Temari smirking at the younger girl, “Yes, there is.” Temari blinked, “Wha-?” She didn’t get to finish, for Tenten had flipped her over, getting on top of her, “My turn.” She giggled, spreading Temari’s legs. Tenten wasted no time leaning down and getting a taste of the other girl, “Mmm… Tenten…” It didn’t take long for Temari to orgasim… “Mmm, Tenten…” Tenten giggled, crawling on top of Temari. “That was amazing…” Tenten smiled, leaning down to kiss the older girl on the lips. “Tee hee, then we should defiantly do this again huh?” Temari smirked, kissing the younger girl back, “Defiantly.” Continue reading
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Naruto’s hentai stories: Pile Of Lemons – Chapter 13

_-_-_-_-_A Few Hours Later_-_-_-_-_

Tenten started to wake up, not feeling nearly as tired as she would expect to be considering how long she had Naruto play with her and how short her nap was. Trying to turn around to face her blond lover she found she couldn’t. Feeling a burst of pleasure every time she moved she guessed that Naruto was still horny when they finished in the shower. Feeling slightly guilty for leaving him hanging high and dry like that she shifted forward, slowly sliding his cock out of her ass, before it fell out with a loud pop. Getting off the bed, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and another on the tip of his cock, before turning away to look for something to wear.

Naruto awoke just as she leaned over her dresser to get some new clothes, her ass in a perfected viewing position as he watched last remains of his cum drip from her holes. “This is a very nice image to wake up to.” he commented to himself as he sat up on the bed and stretched out his arms.

Having heard him Tenten turned around and smiled at him, “Do you think Sakura’s done with the food by now?” Naruto tried to answer before a yawn interrupted him. Glancing at the clock he noticed it was already 4:15 pm. “Yeah, she probably is, lets get dressed and head over to her place.” Walking to the bathroom he retrieved his clothes and put them on just as Tenten finished rummaging through her drawers. She realized, to her growing horror that she was out of clean clothes. Today was laundry day and the clothes she was wearing earlier today were the only clean ones she had left. Seeing as how her pants were ripped in half and her last shirt was soaking in a puddle of cum she couldn’t exactly wear those…even though she found that last option oddly tempting.

Reaching into the very bottom of her dresser, where she kept things that she could use in case she needed to patch any of Continue reading

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