Slutty Sakura gets double fucked in both holes at once !

Naruto Hentai

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Naruto Hentai

Saukra doesn’t look like she’s in the mood… but Hinata doesn’t care and is gonna have some fun with her!
The girls of “Naruto” working on their sexy jutsue all day!
Heavily jugged babe f rom Naruto comic strip is shaking under hard pussy penetration inside! ;) Another fuck-obsessed hottie show sports an awesome pair of tits to exhibit for us! In this post Naruto porn hootchies will get confronted with the siziest and hardest staffs that will pound the shit out of each and every cock hole on their sexy bodies ;)

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  1. Sakura and Temari says:

    Sakura, Tenten, Ino, Hinata, Temari and the Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade all went to an island in the Land of Waves for the summer, little did they know was that they would all find someone in particular. Once they all got to the island, they headed straight for their rooms. Ino and Hinata were paired up together, Tenten was paired with Tsunade, and Sakura was paired with Temari. They were each assigned a room, Ino and Hinata were on the first floor room #10. Tenten and Tsunade were on the 5th floor, room # 36. And last but not least, Sakura and Temari were on the top floor, room # 100! When Sakura and Temari got to their room,they looked out the window and were devastated, their room was up so high that Temari actually passed out because of the sight and was frightened to death, Sakura helped Temari in bed and accidentaly saw Temari’s crotch, Sakura then began to blush. She didn’t actually mean to look, but she found herself still staring at Temari’s crotch. Sakura was really blushing this time.She put the bed covers over Temari and left. The next day, Temari woke up and found Sakura in the same bed with her, Temari then screamed and woke up Sakura. Sakura asked what happened and Temari said there was a mouse in the bed. Temari never actually cared if Sakura was in the bed with her, she just wanted the mouse to leave. Sakura said good morning to Temari, and then left to go get breakfast for the both of them. Temari was actually blushing when she woke up and found Sakura in bed with her. Sakura just didn’t notice at the time, so Temari was safe for the time being, not letting Sakura know that she liked her, and had always had a crush on her since the chunin exams. When Sakura got back, she set the food down on the bed and started eating. Sakura asked if she was going to eat anything, but Temari said she wasn’t hungry. Temari then went to the bathroom and started taking her clothes off so she could take a shower, little did she know the bathroom door was left wide open. She turned around and found Sakura naked in front of her. Temari then gasped and blushed like crazy! Sakura asked “What’s wrong Temari-chan am I not sexy enough to fuck? “Temari replied “No, no it’s not that it’s just…… well you’re a really pretty girl and all, but….” Sakura then said “Come and play with me Temari-chan. If you think you can handle a pretty girl like me!” Sakura then turned around so she could bend over, looking at Temari as she gave her own ass a firm smack and a rub. Temari blushed a little at the sight of her. Sakura then turned back around so she could walk towards Temari. Sakura then kissed Temari and then started working her way down to eating Temari’s pussy! Temari moaned and moaned,untill Sakura brought her into the bedroom onto the bed. “What now Sakura-chan?” Temari asked. Temari marveled at how tight and toned the Sakura’s body was. Sakura grinned and reached underneath the bed and pulled out a small candy apple red felt bag. She then pushed Temari back onto the bed and spreads open her legs. Her fingers pinched Temari’s clit causing her to arch back and shake like a leaf caught in a sandstorm. Sakura then nipped both her nipples lightly before licking back to Temari’s earlobe. “Now we have fun; roll onto your stomach my little sand ninja,” Sakura whispered and sat back. Temari rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her ass high into the air. Sakura playfully spanked it before opening her bag. Out fell a variety of sex toys both large and small. Picking up the smallest vibrator she had Sakura switched it on then rubbed it over Temari’s pussy causing a shudder and more moans of pleasure. After repeating this another three times Sakura switched the vibrator off then licked seductively the fresh pussy juices of Temari off. Sakura then pulled out some light pink anal beads and slowly slid them into Temari’s ass one by one. “Sakura-chan…that feels so good!” Temari moaned as she felt each bead press into her ass. The way they rubbed against her anus stimulated Temari no end and she wiggled her ass teasingly. Delighted Sakura playfully spanked her ass before leaving the beads to hang out while she slid two fingers into Temari’s glistening pussy. Slowly she pumped it and felt the fresh flow on Temari’s juices coat her fingers. Temari shook with pleasure and softly moaned as pleasure spread through her body. “My you are very horny Temari-chan,” Sakura softly whispered and lightly nibbled on Temari’s earlobe. She stood off the bed and went to a small chest and opened it pulling out one of her favourite toys. Temari blushed as she looked up to see Sakura placing a strap-on around her waist. It was about the same size as a man’s cock was and Temari shivered at the prospect of feeling it inside her. Sakura walked in front of her and lifted Temari’s chin so she could look directly into her eyes. “Now then Temari-chan open up!” Sakura commanded firmly. Temari responded obediently opening her lips and slowly sliding her lips round the dildo before engulfing it. Sakura ‘s eyes widened as Temari adjusted her body then slowly began to bob up and down the cock, licking it wet. Gripping the sand ninja girl’s short blonde ponytails Sakura purred like a cat in cream delighted to have found a very sexy playmate. She withdrew the strap-on and looked at Temari whose eyes flicked with desire, as if part of her wanted to come out from a hiding place. Sakura didn’t want to disappoint. “Sakura-chan please I really want it!” Temari nearly begged the pink haired girl. She could feel her thighs becoming soaked with juices and the anal beads were pushing Temari over the edge. Pulling her up by the hair Sakura roughly kissed her to which Temari moaned then responded in kind. Grinning Sakura swept herself back onto the bed and behind Temari rubbing the top of the dildo against her cunt lips. “Now then Temari-chan don’t hold back and get dirty for me.” Sakura growled as she drove the dildo deep inside Temari. Sakura pulled on Temari’s hair as the sand ninja girl bucked back against her. The harder Sakura thrust the stronger Temari bucked back and the two battled fiercely against each other as the sweat dripped off their bodies and onto the bed. Temari clenched her cunt tighter as her climax neared her clit throbbing like mad against the dildo. “Oh yes fuck me Sakura-chan, oh I’m going to cum…Yesss…!” Temari screamed, as her cunt erupted, squirting streams of cum onto herself and Sakura. She shook as orgasm after orgasm exploded from her. Sakura held on tight as the power from Temari’s climax surprised her yet felt wonderful. The strap-on was soaked from top to bottom, as was most of the bed when Temari slowly stopped cumming after what seemed an eternity. Sakura exited and removed the strap-on from her body and suckled it drinking down the juices that coated it. Temari lay on her stomach getting her breath back a wide smile on her face. “Mmm very tasty Temari-chan, God you’re so fucking hot!” Sakura whispered running her hand over Temari’s back. She then leant forward and kissed down towards Temari’s ass, spreading her open slowly removed the anal beads with a loud pop as each one came up. Temari bit her lips to stifle a moan before slowly sitting herself up. Sakura thought that the other girl would need a rest and was prepared to end things there when Temari moved towards her and gently pushed Sakura onto her back. Her hand parted Sakura’s legs and ran against her womanhood causing an excited blush to occur on the blonde’s face. “It’s my turn, Sakura-chan!” Temari whispered softly fingering away. Temari was now taking the lead and Sakura was a willing participant. Temari offered her breasts to her, which Sakura took to like a newborn. She suckled away as Temari spread open her cunt lips and pinched her clit causing a tremor of pleasure to shiver through Sakura’s body. Temari smiled as she worked Sakura like one of her brother Kankuro’s puppets teasing and probing but not letting her climax just yet. “Oh fuck Temari that’s so good damn it fuck me now!” Sakura cried out and begged Temari the same way she had. Temari nodded and grabbed the strap-on installing it as Sakura rolled onto all fours wiggling her ass teasingly while bracing herself.”Here goes Sakura-Chan you naughty girl!” Temari boldly whispered shoving the strap-on inside Sakura who howled in delight. Temari grabbed a hold of Sakura’s short pink hair and pulled on it as she thrust deep giving Sakura back what she had received. Sakura responded in kind bucking against Temari’s thrusts as the bed rocked underneath them. The two then talked back to each other as dirty as they could, driving each other on wanting to push each other to the limit of sexual ecstasy. “Fuck me Temari-chan harder make me cum big!” Sakura screamed raking her fingers against the sheets ripping them. Temari moved faster stretching Sakura open until she came squirting wildly all over Temari and the bed before collapsing exhausted and totally worn out. Temari slowly slid out and drank down Sakura’s juices from the strap-on before lying down and sweeping the pink haired girl into her arms.

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