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In this sensual game made in 3D CG that you will take see a journey the most arousing rituals of supernatural creatures that exist here. And not just witness – you will get the infrequent chance to take the control of Crania the goddes of death and pleasure! And tonight she is going to be the queen of pleasure which she will bring that you will define! You can start the game right away or you can spend some time in the character customization menu to adjust Crania to your own idea of the way the queen of death and pleasure should look like. During the game you can switch different poses, deeds and points of view and ofcourse the further you will progress thru the game the more fresh abilities will become available. Continue reading

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New chapter – or the way they called here”weeks” – of the erotic visual book”Melody” in which you choose the part of a music instructor for young and promising from many aspects hot looking lady. Despite getting fairly active schedule generally you will try to spend as a while with your fresh student as possible nearly daily so no wonder that at some point there will be some intimate motives involved. And also the things will get even nicer for you when you may aks her for a date but just if everyhting will move well enough during it just then you’ll be analyzing something else other than music however non the less sensitive and titillating! And ofocurse don’t leave behind to check our site for the previous weeks (especially in the event you have not played with them yet) and ofcourse the forthcoming ones! Continue reading

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