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Naruto sex stories: Pile Of Lemons – Chapter 7

Waking up slowly Naruto noticed the girls were still asleep. His internal clock was telling him it was around three-ish in the morning. So he lifted up the covers, finding the girls still laying on their stomachs partly on top of him he reached down and gently rubbed their ass cheeks using his Massage of Healing technique. Waking the girls up instantly in wide eyed pleasure. Enjoying their musical moans he diverted most of the chakra into his index fingers and inserted them into both girls respective asses. Both healing them, and turning them on tremendously.

“Naruto please fuck us again.” Both girls said in perfect unison, it probably would have been kinda funny, and/or creepy any other time. But it gave a ‘twins’ vibe that made Naruto’s morning wood get hard enough to ache slightly.

“Alright, alright ladies but I gotta meet Hinata-chan later and I want all the energy I can for her. So only one round for each of you.” He told them, still pumping his, still chakra covered, index fingers in and out of their asses.

The girls took a second to think while enjoying the warmth of his hands. Glancing at each other Ino nodded to Sakura and the decision was reached.

“Do you think you could do the Kage henge again? Or will that take to much energy…? I want you to fuck me like you did last night” Sakura inquired.

“This is gonna be a regular thing with you isn’t it?” Naruto asked is mock exasperation, enjoying her blushing face as she averted her gaze Continue reading

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