Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch6

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch6

The seas were blue and seagulls were seen all around the area. The skies clear as blue and strong winds blowing. Naruto looked down at the seas as he was standing at the end of the boat. Next to his legs was his luggage with all his clothing. He is clearly out of money that he even snuck in the boat but this trip might change everything just as he thinks it is.

I’m such an idiot! It was Koyuki all along not Shion! Although Shion did give me something worth it.” He thought as he kept on looking at the water remembering what they did outside. “Man I’m giving myself a boner just thinking about it.”

As Naruto was waiting for his boat to arrive at the Land of Spring other things awaited for him there that he had no idea about.

Koyuki, the queen of the Land of Spring and a very famous actor, achieving so much it feels like she has done it all but one thing.

“CUT CUT! Sorry but this isn’t going to work out.” The director said as he stopped his men from filming.

Koyuki the famous actor was doing a movie. As she has discussed with her director she wanted to be a famous actor who’s mastered every emotion out there and the only one she has yet to master would none other than intense pleasure. Being a princess and actor it’s hard for her to fake one but with training and maybe a short film she thinks she would have it in no time, but there’s one problem.

“We need a man in the film!” Yelled the director at Koyuki, who was lying down on a bed with a silky robe and a few erotic toys around the bed.

“What?” She asked looking at the director.

“You heard me we need a man. Koyuki you are one hot lady but even with those moans I feel like I’m hearing screams of pain rather than pleasure! We need a man, woman!” He said trying to convince her to put a man on the film. It’s not the first time he’s told her but she’s too nervous to do it. Maybe someone close to her would be a lot of help someone she can trust.

Koyuki thought it over as she got up from the bed. She looked over at the director and starred at him while he starred back at her feeling the tension.

“… Fine put a man on the film. But he has to be chosen by me if not then forget about it!” She said as she walked away.

The director smiled. “Good, then will stop filming today to give you time to search for one yourself. Oh and if we do the scripts will be different.”

The next day and Koyuki was all dressed up walking around the towns to find one man in whom she thinks would be great in the film and one she can trust and won’t see her as a tool. She walked passing buy open markets, places that were under construction and basically every place she could think of but found nothing.

Koyuki started to lose hope the more she searched. She knew where she was which was by the docks and there was nothing there but boats bringing in people who would enjoy seeing the new Land of Spring.

She stopped walking and hung her head.

I’m not going to find one today, and it’s getting kind of hard. I think I’ll start tomorrow.” She thought to herself.

Just as she raised her head she saw an all too looking familiar figure walking towards her. A smile came to her face quickly as she ran up to him.

Naruto was walking slowly as he was lost in thought on where to stay tonight but was distracted as a girl jumped on him.

“Naruto you’re here!” Koyuki said out loud happily as she embraced him.

“Wah? Oh Koyuki! Aw yes I’m so glad to see you!” Naruto said as he hugged her tighter, happy that tonight he will sleep in a cozy bed.

Koyuki lets go of him and looks up at him. “He’s so grown up now.” She thought to herself. “So what brings you here Naruto?” She asked.

“I came here to see you actually, you see I’m…” Before he was able to finish what he wanted to say she grabbed his hand and pulled him.

Koyuki looked back at naruto. “Tell me when we get to your new room.” She said as she took him to his new bedroom.

Koyuki kept on dragging him to where Naruto thought would be the palace but they were nowhere near that place. He looked around to see that there were only grass fields around and he can barely see the palace from his distant.

“Here we are. This is where you would be staying Naruto.” She said as he looked at it. It was huge and actually looked kind old but better than nothing.

“Come inside!” She said as she opened the door. Inside it was pretty huge. There was a big living room with three couches surrounding a fire place amd that’s what took up most of the first floor beside the kitchen.

“Here’s the living room and the kitchen. Upstairs are the bedrooms.” She said.

“That’s nice.” He said as he dropped his stuff and lay down on the couch.

“I’m going to warm up some tea.” She said as she headed into the kitchen.

About 30 minutes passed by and all they did was talk about how it was going for them and what missions Naruto had to do but it was all just talk.

“Ha ha that’s true Naruto. I mean I can’t even believe that you’re all grown up now and mature.” She said and then she remembered that she was looking for a man.

“Listen, Naruto can I ask you for a favor?” She asked.

“Sure what is it?”

“I’m making this film… and it’s of sexual intercourse. I was wondering if you would like to be in this film.” She finally said nervous a bit of what he might think of her. She look at Naruto make faces till she said what he needed.

“… and it pays to Naruto, a lot.” Naruto looked at her and smiled. “Sure then I’ll be on your film.” He said.

“Great then, you can pick up your script tomorrow.” She said as she left.

“So it’s a porno video anyways. I wonder how this is gonna turn up.” He said as he went to sleep.

A day went buy and Naruto has already gotten what he needed for the video. He plays the role of a genius robber who robs during the day and Koyuki plays a maid who is a victim to the robbery in some way.

The setting is in a big house where Naruto brakes in and see’s the maid. Turned on he was to take away her virginity.

Camera men were all ready. “3, 2, 1… Action!”

Naruto climbed up the wall of a palace of a famous emperor. Wanting to steal his stuff he decided during the day when there’s less security. Seeing a porch up ahead he decided to go through there. He jumped up and onto the porch but before entering he saw the maid doing her daily work.

“Son of a bitch I’m gonna have to wait.” He said. Hiding on the sides he peeked every minute.

Koyuki was wearing a small maid uniform with a small skirt showing her thighs out in the open with some heels and a small shirt in which showed her cleavage. She was cleaning up the place and accidentally dropped a small vase that fell to the ground and broke.

“Oh no! Hopefully master won’t see this!” She said as she bended over to clean it up.

Naruto peeked and looked at her bending over seeing her pussy out in the open since she had a small skirt.

Damn Koyuki has a nice pussy. Can’t wait to pound that, they said the movie was of a robber and maid but the rest of the movie is up to me on any way I want it.” He thought to himself as he saw her still bend over.

Naruto slowly crept to her and now was behind her ass as she was bending over still unnoticed. He grabbed her ass with one hand and with his other he slowly went down her ass to her vagina feeling it warm and started to finger her.

“Ah! Mm… who are you?” Koyuki said surprised.

“Don’t worry about that.” He said.

Koyuki got up so he stops fingering her and turned around. “You’re and intruder! Intruder! Intruder!” She screamed.

Naruto quickly pushed her around and put her against a wall. He grabbed both her hands and tied them up together behind her back and he also put a cloth in her mouth to shut her up.

He grabbed her and turned her around.

“Can’t scream any more can you? You know you’re a really pretty maid, now I won’t have to kill you.” He said as he threw her onto the side of the bed. She was perfectly bending over the bed once again showing her pussy.

Naruto went up to her and started to finger her again. “You are really gonna like this.” He said as he stopped fingering her and took out his dick. He slowly entered his tip at her entrance.

Koyuki started screaming but that didn’t stop him. Naruto entered her pussy and grabbed her ass and started to thrust into her fast.

“You like that bitch. Huh? You like them big and fast?” He said as she kept on pounding her. All Koyuki did was scream as she was getting fucked.

“Ahngh! Ahngh! Ahngh!” She screamed.

“Damn your pussy is hot.” He said as he kept on thrusting.

Naruto grabbed her arms and pulled her back as he went on faster. “I’m about to cum.” He said as he started to blow his load into her.

Koyuki was tired of the screaming already and just laid there on the bed as he blew his cum into her.

Naruto got up and picked her up too making her stand. He turned her around and grabbed her ass and lifted her up in the air. He entered her pussy and started to make her thrust.

He kept on going even though he was standing grabbing her ass harder as the harder he went.

He walked to the bed and sat down on the side now she was the one thrusting.

“You like that don’t you?” He asked her. Koyuki nodded her mouth saying no but he knew it was a lie.

“Look you’re the one thrusting.” He said.

Koyuki was surprised that she felt she had no control of her body as she jumped up and down. She started to feel it coming and the more she jumped the harder it was to hold back.

Koyuki started cumming as she stopped now. Naruto felt her juice slide down and now he started to fuck her again.

“God your pussy is so wet. Feels so hot now, I think I’m gonna cum.” He said as he too blew his load into her.

Naruto got up and laid her on the bed. He cut up her hands letting them free and took out the rag from her mouth.

“That was great. Maybe next time I won’t have to tie you up.” He said as he walked to the porch and jumped down.

“And CUT!” The director said.

“Brilliant work, brilliant!” He said out happily. The men started to clean up as the actors went to their rooms to clean up and leave.

The next day came and Naruto was in his house sitting down waiting for his payment. A knock on the door and Naruto went out to open it showing Koyuki wearing a kimono entering with an envelope in her hands.

“Here’s the money Naruto.” She said handing it to him.

“Thanks. It looks like a lot.” He said as he grabbed it.

“It is.” She said answering his thought.

“Want to come inside?” He asked.

“Sure.” Koyuki walked in as Naruto closed the door behind her.

Koyuki sat on the end of the couch and Naruto went to sit at the other end of the same couch.

“You know Naruto you were really good back there.” She said as she looked at him.

“I know but I could’ve done better at least you were good though.” He said.

“You know being tied up I wasn’t really able to show you how talented I am…” She said as she got up from the couch and got on her knees right in front of him.

“But now that my mouth is wide and open. I can put it to full use.” She said as she unzipped his pants. Naruto knew were this was going but he didn’t care in matter of fact this might be his chance to show here how really long he can last and how he doesn’t cum that fast.

Koyuki felt his dick and took it out feeling it really warm and getting thicker. Naruto looked at her as she grabbed his dick and started to give him a blow job. Licking his tip she started to enter him in her mouth going real deep.

Naruto was amazed that she was already deep throating him and she hasn’t even coughed up yet. He grabbed her by the head and pushed her more down to see how talented she really was.

Koyuki took him out of her mouth to take a breath.

“Guaah! Naruto you’re so big.” She said as she grabbed his dick by the staff went back to sucking his tip. She looked up at him to see if he was enjoying himself while she kept on sucking his penis.

“Do you like the way my tongue feels against your tip?” She said as she licked around it.

“Yeah… you’re… real good.” He said as it was hard for him to speak a sentence.

“Well then, how about these.” She said as she used her hand to slide down her kimono from her left shoulder and the other hand with her right shoulder. As she slid it down her breast came to view. They were perfectly round and her nipples were erect and stiff.

Naruto reached over to grab her nipples and started to rub them. He cupped his hands under her breast lifting them and squeezing them together making her rack look twice as bigger.

“Nah ah Naruto, not yet in the mean time how about we try this.” She said as she grabbed his dick and slid it in between her tits squeezing them together as he did before.

Naruto looked down at her rack as his penis slid up and down. The feelings of her tits were just as he thought.

Koyuki still had them squeezed together pushing them up and down feeling his dick pressed up against the sides of her breast. She looked down amazed that her huge rack didn’t even hide his whole length.

Seeing that his tip was sticking out she started wrapping her tongue around the sides feeling the rim of its head.

“I’m about to cum Koyuki!” He said as he was trying to hold it in a bit longer.

Koyuki was still licking his dick but stop to look up at him.

“It’s okay baby… cum on my tits! Cover them with your cum! Mm yes! Ah yes!” She moaned as she let his penis out and started to give him a quick hand job.

Naruto started to shout out loads of cum onto Koyuki’s face. Koyuki let go of his dick to grab her tits together pushing them up as his shots of cum started to get on her chest.

Naruto stopped cumming and looked down at Koyuki who had her whole chest covered in cum. Koyuki let go of her breast and grabbed his dick sucking it dry.

Koyuki stands up and looks at Naruto. “You came a lot Naruto.”

“Yeah I do” He said scratching his head.

Koyuki looked at him. “Now how about…” She said as she turned around and bended over grabbing her ankles. “We start fucking.” She said looking back.

Naruto got an erection as he had a great view of her pussy and stood up. He gave her ass a squeeze and slapped it while he grabbed on her ass entering his tip up her pussy and started thrusting.

“Whoa Naruto not there, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” She said looking back.

Naruto slid his penis out and shoved his whole length up her ass doing as she says.

“Ah god! Naruto you’re AH so fucking big!” She said barely because his whole length was in her.

“Hey you wanted it. Here it is.” He said as he started fucking her ass. Naruto grabbed on tighter and started pounding her faster.

“AH AH AH! FUCK ME AH NARUTO FUCK ME!” She screamed as she was getting fucked.

“MNPH! Your ass is tight!” He said as he was thrusting in furiously.

Naruto kept on thrusting in harder and let go one of his hands to grab onto her tit and started squeezing it.

“MYA AH AH! I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed.

Koyuki started to cum as it was sliding down her legs. Naruto was still going and now had both of his hands on her tits and grabbed on to them so he can thrust forward.

“AAHHH AAHHH AH!” Koyuki was still screaming as Naruto was done yet.

“Koyuki I’m gonna cum soon!” He said.

“Then cum! Cum in me fill me up!” She said.

Naruto let go of her tits and placed one of his hands on her waist and the other on her back and stopped thrusting as he started to cum in her ass. Naruto stood still as he blew load after load into her. He sat down on the couch with his penis still up her ass.

“God your ass feels real hot right now.”He said as he finished cumming.

As Naruto was sitting down with his dick still in her he grabbed her ass.

“Hey Koyuki how bout you start jumping.” He said.

Koyuki was still bending over and started to move her ass shoving his length in and out of her.

Naruto looked at her ass move up and down seeing it sucked in every time she went down.

“Come on faster.” He said as he slapped her ass a few times.

Koyuki went faster and faster the more he slapped.

“AH AH Naruto this feels so good! AH MM!” She said as she moved up and down.

“I already feel like cumming!” She said since her first orgasm made it faster for her.

Koyuki started to cum and stopped letting it go down her legs once more. Naruto grabbed her by the waist and pushed her back letting her sit on his lap with his dick still up her ass.

“KYA!” She screamed as he accidentally shoved his length again up her ass.

Without even saying it she placed her hands on the sides and started jumping up and down. Even though Koyuki was going at a slow pace since what she’s been through, her tits were jumping all over the place.

“Ah Naruto grab my breast.”She said.

Naruto reached to grab her breast and started squeezing them. “You’re really amazing Koyuki.” He said as he rubbed her nipples.

“Ah you too.” She said.

As she went up Naruto started to meet up with her noticing she was tired and thrusted up every time she went down to up.

“Naruto I already feel like cumming!” She said as she stopped her motions.

Naruto kept on thrusting till she started cum. Koyuki’s juice went down her legs to his legs. Feeling hot warm liquid on his legs Naruto stood up with Koyuki.

As they stood up Naruto turned her around and made her bend over the couch. He slid his dick out of her ass seeing his cum finally flow out of her and got on his knees and grabbed onto her ass. Seeing her cum slide down her legs Naruto puts his face in between her legs licking the sides and going up to her pussy were it was really wet. He let go of her ass and grabbed her thighs spreading them open as he dug his face in her vagina.

Koyuki was wide eye that he still wanted to go. She loved the feeling of his tongue nibbling at her pussy.

Naruto took his face out. “I really want to fuck this tight pussy.” He said and went back to sucking her juice.

“Well go ahead Naruto. I’m all yours for the taking.” She said as she wiggled her ass while Naruto was still licking her vagina.

Naruto quickly stood up and grabbed his penis. He placed it at her entrance and slowly entered her pussy.

“God it’s so hot! Feels tighter than before.” He said as he decided to put his whole length up her pussy.

“KYA Naruto!” She screamed as she felt his length slide deeply in feeling all her muscle tighten up on him.

Naruto grabbed onto her ass and slid in deeper. Till he saw that his dick was all in he took it out and started thrusting.

“God this feels much better!” She said as he was thrusting in her she grabbed onto the couch.

“Faster Naruto! Faster!” She said as he was going faster than before.

“I’m gonna really fuck you fast this time.” He said as he kept up the fast pace but dug himself in deeper than before.

“AH AH NARU TOH! FUCK! FUCK! AAHHH!” She said as he kept on going.

Naruto kept on hitting her g-spot and kept on going till he felt her juice slide next his penis.

“NARUTO! NARUTO! AH I’M GONNA CUM!” She said as she was holding on tighter to the couch and tightens up on Naruto.

Hearing that and Naruto went deeper till he felt her cum.

“NARUTO AAHHHH!” She screamed as she collapsed and started to cum furiously. Naruto felt her juice just how he wanted it surrounding his dick and coming out of her.

“Ah man your pussy feels more wet than before! I’m gonna cum!” He said as she grabbed on tighter.

“CUM ALREADY!” She screamed tired of the tension.

Just as Naruto pulled out of her pussy he thrusted back in hitting her g-spot again and came as he hit it. Naruto left his dick next to her g-spot and started to cum not even pulling back a bit.

“AH! AAHHHH!” She screamed as she felt his cum filling her up whole.

Naruto dug his dick in deeper the more he came wanting to fill her up full.

As he finished cumming he slid his penis out letting out his and her cum down her legs.

Naruto sat down next to her as she was sitting on the corner exhausted. He looked at her and then at her tits as she took in deep breathes. He grabbed her nipple and started rubbing it then he reached closer and started to suck on her tit biting her nipple.

“Mm Naruto that feels good.” She said as she let him fondle with her breast.

Naruto was getting erect sucking her nipples more and more. He stopped and stood up facing her.

“Stand up Koyuki I got a surprised for you.” He said.

Koyuki stood up and Naruto made a hand seal creating two clones next to her.

As she turned around she saw them erect and one started to get on the floor. Naruto from behind moved her on top of the clone and Koyuki slowly got down on her knees. The Naruto on the ground grabbed her ass and pushed his penis up her pussy filling it half way. As she was looking down to see if she was in the right position as soon as she turned, in front of her there was a clone with his penis facing her. Knowing what to do she grabbed his length and started sucking it while she started to move her ass letting the clone slide his dick up her pussy.

Naruto moved closer to Koyuki and place his hand on her back and leaned her more forward down. He looked at her ass and placed his tip there. Then he started to thrust in slowly but went in deep.

Koyuki feeling hopeless let them all have their way with her as she was getting fucked, anal and sucking one’s dick. Naruto who had her by the ass started pounding her faster and harder forcing her to be pushed forward as the other clone getting a blow job was going in deeper.

Then the other clone on the bottom started thrusting faster up her pussy now as he made the clone up front get his dick in deeper. Koyuki was now deep throating the guy as she had no control over it.

As the Naruto on the bottom had a great view of her tits move together up and down he grabbed onto them.

“MM! UGH! AHNGH!” She screamed as she started to cum again.

Naruto who was getting his dick sucked started to cum too. As he filled her mouth he took himself out and started to cum onto her face but since she was getting fucked from the back he came all over her face and disappeared.

Then both Naruto’s started to go faster so they too can finish inside her.

“AH! AH! AH! AH! NA RU TO!” She said as she started to cum some more.

Both Naruto’s started to feel the tension and went faster.

“Koyuki I’m cumming!” He said as they both blew their loads into her. When the Naruto at the bottom finished he disappeared leaving the real Naruto still cumming.

Naruto felt her filled up and took his dick out finishing a bit on her ass cheeks. As he stopped to hold it in he went around meeting Koyuki covered in cum.

“Was *pant* that your surprise?” She asked.

“No this is.” He said as he blew his load onto her face getting her again in the hair and eyes. Naruto stopped and looked down at Koyuki as she was cleaning her face of cum.

“Hey do you want a pearl necklace?” He asked.

“What’s that?” She said.

“You’ll see.” He said as he started to jack off getting himself erect.

“Sure.” She said as she moved herself to her knees.

Naruto got erect again and placed his dick up to her face.

Koyuki looked up at him. “You are really amazing.” And started to suck his dick while she looked up at him.

Koyuki took him out and grabbed her breast once again placing him in between. Naruto this time kept her tits together as Koyuki let go and watch as he was sliding in between her rack like nothing. She looked down and got a squirt of cum on her eyes again. Naruto still had her tits together as he started cumming on her chest covering it completely.

He let go of her breast and jacked off a bit to shoot some more loads onto her breast.

Koyuki who had her eyes closed was surprised as she felt more and more hot liquid land on her tits.

Naruto finally finished and looked down at her. He sighed and helped her clean her face. As she was able to see again Naruto grabbed her chin and kissed her on the lips letting his tongue slide in getting mixed with hers.

They finished kissing and Naruto helped her get up.

“Come on a nice shower would help you and me.” He said as he grabbed her arm taking her upstairs to the shower.

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