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Naruto Porn Story: ANBU hime’s Ch 1

Naruto Porn Story: ANBU hime’s Ch 1

This is written by BastardOmega on fanfiction.net

Naruto was silently jumping on the rooftops making his way toward the hokage-tower too get his genin picture taken. He had failed his original genin exams because he didn’t manage the bunshin, but what he didn’t know was that his chakara output was too high. He had stopped Mizuki from getting the forbidden scroll after he had been tricked by him. Naruto had learned 2 kinjutsu from the scroll and the rest he had copied on a scroll he had brought with him. The techniques he had learned were kage bunshin and shunpo.

Kage bunshin was actually very easy to learn, he had only used 10 minutes on the technique to fully make 10 clones. Shunpo was the real hard one to learn, he spent the rest of the time on it before Iruka had gotten there. He managed to get a few feet in a single burst, nothing combat worthy, but still it was progress.

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Naruto Porn Story: anything is a go

Naruto Porn Story: anything is a go

Title Anything is a go
show: Naruto
author’s notes—I dont own naruto.
here is a long fic. dont worry it gets better as it goes along.

all characters that are used are at least 18.
{At the ninja academy on the final day of classes.}
Iraka: ?class, I am very proud of you all for passing the chuunin exams. As a reward for your hard work I would like you all to head to the gym to participate in one last match for the heck of it.?
Sakura: ?why one? Why not two??
Iraka: ?the reason is Sakura is we don?t have time for two or more. After the match school would be close to being over.?
Sakura: ?I guess your right?
The class heads down to the gym. After five minutes go by they arrive in the gym.
Hayate: ?all right, settle down everyone. I know you?re excited about the match but before we can begin let us have two volunteers. {No one volunteers} don?t all volunteer at once now.?
Ino pinches Sakura?s left arm.
Sakura: ?hey!? she said frustrated
Hayate: ?ah, a volunteer, thank you. Now you can pick your opponent.?
Sakura: ?I choose?..?
Naruto: ?pick me, pick me? he said constantly trying to draw Sakura?s attention over to him.
Sakura: ? Ino?
Naruto: ?awww!? he said disappointedly.
Ino: ?alright, I accept. Prepare to lose Sakura?
Sakura: ?will just see about that!?
Hayate: ?alright, everyone else on the balcony?
Everyone gets in his or her positions. Sakura and Ino on the battle field. The battlefield looking like an ordinary basketball court except with a small platform hanging 12 feet above the mid-section of the court. That is where everyone else was. Except Hayate, who was in-between the space of Ino and Sakura.
Hyate: ?alright, begin!? he then made his way off the court and onto the platform. So that he could observe everything without getting hurt.
Both contests glared at the other. Waiting for one to make the first move.
Ino: ?what?s the matter Sakura? Are you afraid to attack me?? she teased
Sakura: ?no, I?m just waiting to do your move? she said with up most confidence.
Ino: ?since you want me to make the first move, I will?
After she that she then charged at Sakura. But Sakura just took a step to the left and dodges the attack.
Naruto: ?alright, good going?
Sasuke: ?chill Naruto, the match hasn?t really begun yet. It has only been one move and your already cheering?
Naruto: ?so??
Sasuke: ?never mind, you do what you want?
Naruto: ?you can do it Sakura!?
Ino: ?nice dodge, but can you dodge these?? she says while she starting throwing punches.
Sakura quickly blocks each and every one of them with her arms. As soon as Ino was done, it was Sakura?s turn to fight back. Sakura jumped on the ground and balanced herself with her hands. As she swung her legs around, that was beneath her in an attempt to knock Ino off her feet. But Ino saw it coming and jumped out of the way. Then Sakura quickly got back on her feet and tried a spinning kick in the air at Ino. Her first spin around hit Ino across the face. But as Sakura spun around the second time. Ino grabbed her foot in the air and threw Sakura on to the other side of the court. As soon as Sakura hit the ground at got on her feet she said.
Sakura: ?ha Ino were evenly matched. There is no way your going to beat me!? She said so sure of herself.
Ino: ?I wouldn?t be so sure, if I were you. Mind transfer jutsu.?
Ino?s mind was transferred into Sakura?s body.
Ino: ?I?m going to make you give up now that I?m in your body?
But Sakura was still hanging inside her body.
Sakura: ?I won?t let you!? she then focused all her energy on her mouth to stop Ino.
Ino: ?its no use. That want work. I Sakura here by..?
Sakura had managed to find a way to tap into her mind to close her mouth. So Ino would talk through it.
Naruto: ?hey what going on??
Sasuke: ?its easy, Ino was going to talk through Sakura. To make her give up the battle. But before Ino managed to accomplish the task Sakura must have found a way to tap in her brain to keep her mouth closed, so Ino would make Sakura forfeit.?
Naruto: ?oh I knew that, I was uh?just testing you. And you passed.?
Sasuke: ?sure, you were? he said sarcastically.
Naruto: ?of course I was?..hey!
{mean while Sakura and Ino are talking inside Sakura?s body}
Sakura: ?give it up, I found a way to keep you from talking for me. Now there is no way for you to win. So get out of my body!!!!!
Ino realizing that Sakura was right left Sakura?s body and reentered hers.
Sakura: ?thank you, now can you give it up and spare your self some embarrassment, or do I have to beat it out of you.
Ino thinks and idea comes to her. Ino quickly talks inside her head.
Ino: ?embarrassment now there is an idea?
Sakura: ?quick talking inside your head and tell what?s it going to be!?
Ino: ?alright, mind transfer jutsu?
As soon as Ino arrived inside Sakura?s head, Sakura immediately did the same thing she did before to stop Ino from talking for her.
{Ino and Sakura have a little talk inside Sakura?s head.}
Ino: ?give it up?
Sakura: ?or else what? Incase you haven?t learned anything from your last try , you can?t talk for me.?
Ino: ?I?m well aware of that but I can still move your body and hands without your control?
As soon as Ino said that Ino started to move Sakura arms around.
Ino: ?go ahead and try to stop me from moving your hands?
Sakura tries but no luck.
Sakura: ?so, I can?t stop you from moving my body and arms around big deal. What are you going to do me, punch myself until I give up?? she said sarcastically
Ino: ?no, I have a better idea I?m going to use you hands to remove your clothes. Now I don?t think you want Sasuke to see you naked. Now all you have to do to prevent me from removing your clothes is to forfeit the match.?
Sakura: ?you?re bluffing!? she said calling Ino out.
Ino: ?am I?? she then place Sakura?s hands at the hem of Sakura shirt and Sakura was helpless to stop her.
Ino: ?well, are you going to give up??
Sakura trapped with no other option said.
Sakura: ?yes, ill give up?
Ino: ?good, now make sure you do after I leave your mind?
Sakura: ?why not now? And what makes you so sure ill give up as soon as you leave??
Ino: ?one, I want everyone to see you say it. So they can?t say that I forced you to say it. Also, it?s more fun if you say it yourself and I watch. And second of all if you don?t give up after I leave. Ill come back right inside you mind again and take off all your clothes until your bare naked?
Sakura: ?I understand,? she said realizing that once again she was trapped.
Ino: ?good? she said as she left Sakura?s body and reentered her own.
Ino: ?Sakura, go ahead and forfeit like a wuss. Or fight me.?
Sakura sighed and said
Sakura: ?I Sakura submit defeat?
The whole audience wondered what Ino must of said to make Sakura quit.
Hayate: ?alright due to a forfeit, I present Ino the winner of the match.?
Ino: ?good job wuss giving up like that? she laughed
Sakura was hurt by those words and the threat Ino gave her if she didn?t.
Sakura: ?I hate you? she said as Sakura walked away.
Ino: ?now don?t be a sore loser Sakura!? she yelled to Sakura.
Sakura: ?like I had a choice? she said to her self.
Naruto: ?Sakura, what happened?? he said as raced up to Sakura
Sakura: ?leave me alone Naruto?
Sasuke: ?Sakura, come on and tell us what happened.?
Naruto: ?I got it Ino must have threaten to choke you to death. Is that right? Because I saw your hands go up to your collar of your shirt.?
Sakura takes minute to stop to answer their question.
Sakura: ?yeah, that was it? she lied
Naruto: ?that?s so cheap of Ino do to.?
Sasuke: ?sorry for questing your judgement.?
Sakura in her mind.
?Its okay Sasuke there is no reason for you to apologize. I love the fact you?re concerned about me.?
Sasuke and Naruto leave Sakura alone as they venture off to their own homes.
Then Sakura turned around and made her way to her house.
Sakura: ?Naruto, I just wish death was the case? she said under breath.
Sakura arrives at her house}
She then opens the door and steps in. Then she made her way upstairs into her bedroom. Once she was in she closed the door behind her as well as closed her window and put down the blinds. She then takes off all her clothes and puts it in a pile on the ground. She then climes on her queen bed with pink sheets and starts remembering the incident today where Ino threatened to take off all her clothes, if she didn?t surrender. That made Sakura really mad. She then kept thinking of ways to get back at Ino. And then thoughts after a while started to get dirty. Then her dirty thoughts turned into a dirty dream. She then started talking to her self out loud out of her dreams and speaking for all the characters she dreamed about.
Author?s notes— even though Sakura is dead asleep and is unknowingly talking out loud out of her dream. I?m not going to write the characters she dreams about saying that this is ?Sakura talking for Naruto?. But instead I will right who is talking. Just keep in mind that all the character voices are going to be said out of Sakura?s dream and in her voice.
Sakura: ?hey Ino, how about you surrender or I remove all of your clothes? she said.
Ino: ?you wouldn?t dare!? she said matching Ino?s voice ever so perfectly.
Sakura: ?try me and call my bluff.? She said with utmost confidence.
Naruto: ?yeah, Sakura, do it!? she said knowing that Naruto was a pervert.
Ino: ?ok I call your bluff!?
Sakura: ?good, I was hoping you would say that. Fast pace jutsus.?
And then quicker then a blink of an eye she ran towards Ino and quickly torn off all Ino?s clothes. Leaving Ino completely bare-naked.
When Sakura thought of Ino naked she felt a small rush of pleasure go through her body. Which she just shake off.
Sakura as Ino stood there frozen in complete shock that Sakura did that to her.
All the men in the audience: started yelling ?whoop, whoop, whoop?.
That is except naruto and sasuke.
Hinita: ?wow, Ino?s breasts are way bigger than mine. I hope naruto doesn?t care about size.
Naruto: ?now that?s what I?m talking about, oh yeah! Good job Sakura?
Sasuke: ?so that?s what Ino looks like, whatever? he said coolly as he glance up at down Ino?s naked body.
Ino who saw sasuke looking at her covered her breasts with one arm while she used her right hand to cover her butt. All as an effort to prevent the guys from looking at her in her birthday suit especially sasuke.
Ino in her mind: ?sasuke please don?t look at me? as soon as she said that she started to blush knowing now that sasuke had look at her.
Sensei talking to hayate: ?are you going to stop this match??
Hayate: ?heavens no!?
Sensei: ?great!?
Anko: ?looks like she has already blossomed.?
Sakura: ?what?s the matter Ino why are you blushing? Are you embarrassed?? she teased.
Ino: who got the courage to say, ?I?m not?
Sakura: ?then why are you covering your self??
Ino: ?ok so I?m a little embarrassed, okay! She said admitting to the truth.
Sakura who was happy that Ino admitted the truth knocked down Ino on her back.
Ino: ?why did you do that?? she said on her back.
Sakura: ?so I can do this? she opens Ino?s legs and starts to finger fuck Ino with one finger.
Back in the real world
Then with out thinking Sakura?s hand travels down to her minge. She then penetrates her folds with her index finger on her right hand. And starts to finger fuck her self slowly.
Back in her dream
Ino who now realized what Sakura was doing to her yelled to Sakura.
Ino: ?Sakura, stop this right now!? she said angrily
While she tried to close her legs, but Sakura manages to stop her by using her left hand to keep Ino?s legs open.
Ino: ?Sakura, let me close my legs!?
Sakura: ?no!?
Sakura than enters another finger in Ino?s virginia.
This makes all the males and adult males pass out.
Ino: ?Sakura, please stop you?re starting to hurt me!?
Sakura then pushes in a third finger in Ino?s cunt and increased her pace both in the dream and out of the pace.
Back in the real world
Ino felt sorry for what she said to Sakura if she didn?t forfeit. So she walked all the way to Sakura?s house. But when there she saw the door was in and walked inside.
Ino: ?is anybody home? You left the door open.?
Ino then closes the door behind her. She then hears groans upstairs. So she quietly started to make her way upstairs. Interested to who the groans were coming from.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?are you starting to feel the pleasure??
Ino: trying hard to keep her composure said, ?no, I don?t feel pleasure from women.?
Sakura: ?you sure about that Ino??
Ino: ?yes, why??
Sakura: ?because your dripping wet pussy is telling me otherwise.?
Ino realizing that she was caught didn?t comment.
Sakura: ?what?s the mater cat got your tongue? Or you bummed that I caught you lying to me??
Ino was too ashamed to say anything.
Sakura: ?not talking to me, I guess I will just have to fix that.? She added another finger to her snatch in the real world and in to Ino in her dream. She then doubles the pace on her and Ino.
Back in the real world.
Sakura started really spreading her legs open. Her entire body was dripping with sweat and shacking uncontrollably. Ino was climbing the stairs finally made it up stairs. Ino then listened again to where the groans were coming from. As they suddenly started to increase Ino turned around to her left that it was coming from Sakura?s room. She made the detection that it was Sakura?s room on the account it said Sakura on the door. Ino then decided it was best to knock on the door before entering.
Ino: ?is everything all right in there??
She then waited for an answer. But all she heard was Sakura?s voice.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?be a good girl Ino and come for me already.?
Back in the real world
Ino was shocked that Sakura?s was talking about her. So in opened Sakura?s door only to find Sakura naked on her masturbating. Then a thought came to Ino?s head as she replayed the sentence she had just heard Sakura say.
Ino thought in her head: ?when Sakura said ?be a good girl Ino and come for me already.? Does that mean she is dreaming about fucking me??
So she decided to keep listing to Sakura to find out.
But before Ino went on to listen to Sakura, she decided to help Sakura reach an orgasm because she felt sorry that she threatened Sakura. So Ino climbed on the bed and made her way in-between Sakura?s legs. She then quickly removed Sakura?s hand out of her minge and replaced it with her mouth. So fast that Sakura didn?t realize the change. Ino satisfied that Sakura didn?t wake up yet started to lick Sakura?s pussy. Earning a couple of great moans from Sakura. While Ino did this she then decided to listen to Sakura.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura enters in all five of her fingers in Ino?s cunt. Now Ino?s body was bouncing up and down with tempo of Sakura?s finger fucking speed. In a desperate attempt for a quick relief.
Ino: ?Sakura, {oh} why {oh} are {oh} you {oh} doing {oh} this to me??
Sakura: ?I?m doing this for two reasons. First, you always treat me like dirt.?
Back in the real world
Ino who knew that was true decided to make up for it, by increasing her tongue pace and then proceed to wiggle her tongue inside Sakura?s cunt.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?and secondly for threat you gave me?
Back in the real world
As Ino continued her duties she thought to her self.
Ino: ?so Sakura is mad about that?
Back in Sakura?s dream
Ino: ?I?m {pant, pant} sorry {pant, pant}? Ino said right before she had a big orgasm.
Sakura satisfied that Ino orgasmed and apologized she removed her hand out of Ino?s pussy and said.
Sakura: ?I knew you had a thing for girls! I am glad I don?t!?
Back in the real world
Ino said in her head
Ino: ?you be surprised to know your wrong.?
Sakura than had a big orgasm that helped her wake up.
Ino in her head: ?she must be awake now?
Sakura now awake said ?boy, that was intestine?
She then looked down in-between her legs only to see Ino?s head. So in shock she?
Sakura: ?ahhh, Ino what in the world are you thinking!??
Ino who was done lapping up all of Sakura?s juices not missing a drop said to Sakura.
Ino: ?well I originally decided to come here to apologize to you for threading you in battle today. But then the door was open and I heard moaning and groaning upstairs. So I decided to investigate but when I made my upstairs and entered your room and saw you masturbating and talking in your sleep. I decided to repay you by helping you reach a climax.? She said explaing her self.
Sakura: ?is that it?? she said still shocked.
Ino: ?yep, and the fact that you taste better than any thing I have ever tasted in my life? he said as she licked her lips.
Sakura blushed
Sakura: ?thanks, so we are even now.?
Ino: ?not quite, I just saw you orgasm plus as added bonus you were dreaming about fucking me.?
Sakura: ?oh no!? she said realizing where this was going.
Ino: ?now unless you want me to tell the whole world this especially sasuke. You will do what I say got it?? she said with a very proud smirk on her face.
Sakura: ?please don?t, my reputation along with my chance with sasuke would be ruined. Ill due any thing you say as long as you keep quite about this.?
Ino: ?I was hoping you would say that. Now I will for give you for fucking me if you will allow me to fuck you now.?
Sakura gulps.
Ino: ?before I fuck you, I want you to do something for me.?
Sakura: ?what is that?? she gulped
Ino: ?its nothing big. All you have to do is face the wall and get on your hands and knees and shake that cute little but of yours.?
Ino reaches her left hand over towards sakura?s butt and gives it a playful pinch.
Sakura: ?ouch?
Sakura then gets into her position according to Ino?s specific orders. She then starts to slowly move her butt round and round in circles. Like a welcome mat before a door.
Ino enjoying sakura?s humiliation as well as her nice-slender body.
Ino: ?doesn?t this make you feel good Sakura?? she sighed
Sakura: ?no, it doesn?t. I feel slightly mortified.? She said a small blush formed upon her flawless face.
Ino: ?and that is half the reason I like?
Sakura not stopping her but swaying asked a question.
Sakura: ?okay, then what is the other half? Let me guess it?s the torture you?re going to put me through.?
Ino: ?that?s great in all but not what I had enjoyed?
Sakura: ?then what exactly did you also enjoy??
Ino: ?your sexy body of course. I think its safe to say now that you have finally blossomed into a flower?
Sakura: ?wow, that was really nice ino. Probably the nicest thing you have ever said to me. And of course if it wasn?t for this humiliating thing you are having me do for you, I would be more than happy to thank you for it.?
Ino: ?isn?t that what you are doing for me??
Sakura: ?I don?t follow?
Ino: she sighs in frustration ?you see since you?re repaying me, it?s almost like you are thanking me?
Sakura: ?I knew that, I was just kidding with you?
Sakura inner being: ?idiot, idiot, Sakura, absolute idiot?
Ino: ?that?s enough with but dance you can stop now.?
Sakura: ?great, I was starting to get tired?
Ino: ?now, without further ado, let us proceed with your fucking?
Outside Sakura window in her room, she and ino hear a voice yell.
Naruto: ?hey Sakura, are you in there?? he yelled from right out of her house.
Sakura: ?thank you Naruto! Sorry ino but there wont be any fucking today.?
Sakura: ?then starts getting dressed by putting on her socks and shoes. As soon as she finished that and was about to finish getting dressed when ino grabbed both of sakura?s boobs with both of her hands.
Ino: ?don?t you start thinking that you are off the hook you still owe me.?
Sakura: ?I know I still have to repay you for seeing me orgasm and that?s not all.?
Ino: ?err wrong, you still have to repay me for fucking me.?
Sakura: ? what?! I thought I repaid you for that with my booty shake?
Ino: ?nope, that doesn?t cover it. It makes you feel any better think of it as one of your many tips you will be giving in the future.?
Sakura: ?what, that?s no fair!? she wined
Ino: ?I?m the boss and I say it is? she then let go off sakura?s breasts so she could finish changing.
Ino: ?and Sakura what would be unfair, is if I had you fuck Naruto as one of your two payments to me.?
Sakura: ?what are you crazy ino?! Fucking Naruto would be worse not being fucked at all.? she said after finished getting dressed
Ino: ?hey, it was just a thought. Although to be honest with you I would not have, you do that. Even I am not that evil.?
Sakura: ?yeah you are!?
Ino: ?hey, don?t make me regret by telling you that you didn?t have to fuck Naruto.?
Sakura: ?I?m, sorry Ino.
Ino: ?I?m not so sure you meant that.?
Sakura: ?but I did.?
Ino: ?do not argue with me; now bend over?
Sakura: ?why??
Ino: ?don?t question my order?
Sakura: ?yes Ino? she then bends over.
Ino then brings her left hand sailing down fast on to Sakura?s butt.
Sakura: ?owww!?
Ino: ?now, you are sorry.?
Naruto yells again from outside.
Naruto: ?hello, is anyone in there?
Sakura: ?yes, I?m here Naruto I?m here. Just give me a couple minutes and then ill be right out.? She yelled out of the window.
As Sakura and Ino make, their way down stairs Sakura starts to talk to Ino.
Sakura: ?I can?t believed you spanked me. No one has other than you or should ever be allowed to spank me.
Ino: ?really is that so?? she then gives Sakura another spank across Sakura?s rear. 13 times more hard than the first one.
Which hurt so bad Sakura started to cry from the pain.
Sakura: ?owe!?
Ino: ?now, who is allowed to spank you??
Sakura: ?you are.? she whimpered
Ino: ?good girl?
Sakura opens the front door only to see Naruto waiting patiently on the front step of her porch.
Naruto: ?hey, what is Ino doing her at your home.?
Sakura thought fast but Ino took this as her opportunity to speak.
Ino: ?I came here to apologize to Sakura is all.?
Which actually true and false; she did in fact came here to apologize that part is true. What was false was when she said, ?is all?.
Naruto: ?oh, ok?
Naruto: ?like I was saying, Sakura I was wondering if you want to come and train with me. After all, we are still a team. So what do you say??
Sakura stutters on what to say as a response. On one hand she could say no, because the last thing she wants to do is hang with Naruto. On the other hand, if she does not agree to the answer Ino wants her to say. She would be surely in due for another spanking. In addition, knowing how hard Ino hits from personal experience she decided to see what Ino had to say.
As she glanced over to Ino. Ino said absolutely nothing and just silently nodded. Then Sakura faces Naruto again.
Sakura: ?sure ill come with you and train.?
Ino: ?well, bye guys I got to go. I?m looking forward to seeing you again Sakura.?
Sakura gulped and shuttered at the thought of meeting again with Ino. As she walked off down the street with Naruto to the gym.
As Ino watched, them leave she left to in the opposite direction heading home to get some sleep. AS she walked she could not help but giggle at how much Sakura would kill her self over hanging around with Naruto.
After a serious workout in the gym, both Naruto and Sakura decided to head home to get some sleep. Sure everyone was going to get some sleep tonight, except Sakura and another person. As sleepy Sakura opened her door and then closed it behind her as soon as she was in. she walked up the stairs completely ready to get some sleep. Before Sakura opened her door, she saw a note on her door.
The note said ?hey Sakura,
Before I headed off to my house to get some sleep, I did a couple things. First off, I met a person on my stroll. I will not say whom but ill say just this you know her and no thanks to our agreement, which she will tell you about. She is going to get to know you even more. The second thing I did was I came back to your house and installed a dozen hidden cameras in your home. So good luck and getting some sleep tonight.
From, Ino?
Sakura: ?oh great, I wonder what Ino did now. Nevertheless, ill figures that out tomorrow when I talk to her. Because right now {yawn} I?m very tired.?
She then opens her door only to be completely surprised. On the edge of her bed sat Temari who was reading a book. However, stopped reading and faced Sakura when she saw Sakura in the corner of her eyes.
Sakura: ?what are you doing her?!? she screamed in utter shock
Temari: ?nice to see you to?
Sakura who had inkling to why she was here thought she should check it out to be sure.
Sakura: ? are you the person Ino talked to? And if so what was the deal you two made??
Temari: ?easy there, one question at a time please. Yes, I am the person Ino talked to today. And as for the deal it was a simple one.?
Sakura: ?go on?
Temari: ?first off, she was she told me what was going on between you to as of today.?
Sakura: ?there is nothing going on!? she said upset
Temari: ?that?s not how she told it. Anyway, the deal was to rape you and in return you are to give me two oral orgasms.?
Sakura: ?no way! There is no way I?m going to let you rape me or give you two oral orgasms.?
Temari: ?Ino thought you were going to say that, so she said consider this as another tip for her. However, if you would have kept your big mouth shut. It would have counted as one of the two payments you owe her. Nevertheless, oh well. Now lets get to work.
In quick flash Temari waves, her big fan and soon enough Temari clothes were all discarded on to a big pile on the floor. In addition, all that she had on was a big-blue 10-inch strap on attached to her.
Temari: ?so what do you want to do first, the rape or the orgasms?
Sakura: ?the orgasms? she said giving up.
Temari: ?okay, then?
Temari then sits down Sakura?s bed with her back against Sakura?s pillows. She then spread her legs apart so Sakura could get access to her snatch. Then Sakura climbs on her bed, gets in between Temari?s legs, and places her mouth against Temari?s cunt entrance. The cold touch sent shivers down Temari?s spine.
Temari: ?get going,? she said impatiently
Sakura: ?alright? she whimpered in fear.
Sakura then opened her cute mouth and started to slowly lick Temari?s cunt lips. This started to shake Temari?s body with pleasure. Although Temari was enjoying the pleasure, she told Sakura.
Temari: ?enough with the teasing, get to the main event.?
Sakura gulped. Then she took two fingers from both of her hands and spread apart Temari?s cunt lips. Then plunged her tongue into Temari?s snatch and after a couple of licking and swishing movement with her tongue on the inside walls in Temari?s cunt. Before Temari was close to an orgasm.
Temari: ?ah, oh, I?m going to cum?
In addition, shortly after she did. In addition, it was the biggest one she had ever had in her whole life.
Temari?s cum ended of covering Sakura?s face but she just ignored it and kept on licking.
It was not long after that when Sakura found Temari?s secret button. That allows women and women only, to have multiple orgasms at once. Sakura then placed tender lick around it. This earned a few groans from Temari. Sakura then place the button in her mouth and slowly sucked on it. That really did it for Temari. Her whole body was shacking wildly her hips her bucking uncontrollably and sweat dripped down her face.
Temari: ?I?m coming?
Sakura stopped her licking knowing this is her second time coming. Then Temari came for a second time and she came repeatedly, equaling the equivalency of eight orgasms.
Temari: ?that{pant} was {pant} unbelievable. Wait until I tell Ino that she got a great catch.?
Author?s notes —- for those who did not get that line. I just said with Temari that Sakura was so good with the oral sex and since she was working for Ino. Ino would be in for a real treat. Something along those lines.
After Sakura was finished licking and swallowing the cum off her face not missing a drop she asked Temari a question.
Sakura: ?was I really that good??
Temari: ?you sure were, heck you were even 100 times better then my vibrator at home.?
Sakura: ?was good enough to not have to get rapped? she said with hope.
Temari: ?if I had a say in the matter you would be. But sadly I?m not, so you?re still getting raped.?
Sakura: ?oh great? she said with a drag.
Temari: ?so where do you want to get fucked the ass or your virginia??
Sakura: ?let me think. Hmmm??
Temari: ?times up. Now I get to choose?
Sakura: ?hey, that?s no fair?
Temari: ?well your not in charge, I am.?
Sakura: ?hmff? she pouted as she sat down on her bed Indian style
Temari: ?tough, deal with it.?
After moments of thinking, Temari thought of which one she was going to fuck.
Temari: ?after thinking really hard on this situation I settle on the decision to go with?.your ass.?
Sakura: ?no not my butt? she said as she got on her hands and knees to rub her butt with her hands.
Temari: ?that?s my answer and I?m not changing it. The question know is should I go into it with a lubed or non-lubed strap on??
To avoid some of the pain she said.
Sakura: ?lubed? she sighed
Temari: ?okay?
She then made her way to Sakura?s mouth.
Temari: ?put this in your mouth Sakura and suck on it?
Sakura: ?why??
Temari: ?you wanted lubrication and your saliva?s going to be the lube.?
Sakura then inserted half of the fake cock inside her mouth. Then she slowly slid her tongue all around it. Making sure it was very wet.
Temari: ?ok you can stop. I?m pretty sure that?s good enough?
Temari then walked behind Sakura. So that the fake cock was at the entrance of Sakura?s butt hole.
Temari: ?are you ready??
Sakura: ?no? she said in fear.
Temari: ?to bad because here I come.? she said eargerly
Temari wasted to time and stuck the whole fake cock in at once. That really hurt Sakura.
Sakura: ?stop it the pain is too much for me to handle!? she begged
Temari: ?do not worry your pain will go away and pleasure will take its place.?
Sakura: ?if you say so? she cried
Soon enough after a couple rams in her butt with that fake cock Sakura?s pain turned into pleasure. Boy oh boy was Sakura enjoying the pleasure that she was receiving.
Sakura: ?oh yeah Temari stick that big thing in me.?
Temari: ?I am?
Sakura: ?faster!? her mouth was agape like someone who was tired after running a marathon.
Temari: ?I am glad you are liking this? she said still ramming into her.?
Sakura: ?I?m so close go faster?
Temari: ?no problem she said doubling her current pace.
The sweat was really starting to pour from Sakura?s face although Temari was doing all the work.
In addition, with out warning Sakura came so much and so powerful her orgasm knocked her out into a deep sleep. Then Sakura?s come slowly slid down Sakura?s legs.
Then Temari slid her hand down in-between Sakura?s legs and brought a finger full of cum into Temari?s mouth.
Temari: ?yum, yum, this way sweater then pumpkin pie?
Temari knowing Sakura would get cold if she did not have covers to cover her with warm. She would be miserable. Therefore, Temari picked her up carefully and gently placed her under her covers. After that she kissed her on the forehead and said.
Temari: ?get some good sleep you earned it? she said that and left.
Soon enough night turned into morning. It was 6:00 am time for Ino?s plan to be put into action. So, Ino made her way over from her house to Sakura?s. Then made her way into Sakura?s room. Only to find that Sakura was still asleep. Now Ino?s plan was not going to work if Sakura was still asleep. So, she had to wake her up. But how, was the question. Then an idea came to her. Boy was it a dirty idea. She then decided if nothing else worked, she would do it. First off, she tried talking to Sakura.
Ino: ?wake up Sakura. Wake up.?
But Sakura would not budge. So, Ino then decided to say it again with the only one difference. While she talked to Sakura, she would also start shaking Sakura?s body to try to get up.
Ino: ?wake up Sakura. Wake up.? She said while she gently shook her.
At this time, she was desperate to wake her up. So, she then decided that it was a good time to use her dirty idea.
Ino: ?alright Sakura, are you ready to be woken up?? she said taking Sakura?s silence as a yes.
Ino: ?alright get ready.?
Ino then proceeded to go to the side of the bed Sakura was facing. Then Ino bent down and placed a small kiss on Sakura?s lips and this time she got a reaction out of Sakura. But not an awake one.
Sakura: ?oh, Sasuke you kiss so good.? She said through her sleep.
Ino could not help but to giggle and smile at that comment. Ino had to smile due to the fact Sakura complemented her on her kissing. She also giggled because Sakura thought in her sleepy state of mind that Ino was Sasuke. So, Ino thought it would be fun to play along.
Ino: ?oh Sakura, I love you ever so much? she said while suppressing her giggle and trying to maintain a voice like Sasuke?s.
Sakura: ?I love you too. Kiss me again honey.?
Ino: ?okay? she said and then went to kiss Sakura again and held it this time.
Then kiss went further and both girls opened their mouth having both or their tongue slowly massaging the other. Then Sakura realizing that kissed a little too real for a dream woke up. Only to find out that she was locking tongues with Ino her most hated rival.
Sakura: ?ahhh Ino you little bitch, what are you doing her!?? she yelled breaking the long moist kiss she was sharing with Ino.
Ino: ?that is no way to talk to a friend.?
Sakura: ?Ino? she said a little tempered.
Ino: ?well besides sharing a kiss with you. A nice one as a matter of fact. Was to offer you a deal.?
Sakura: ?what kind of deal?? she asked.
Ino: ?it?s a rather simple one. I set up a special match with you and another person. If you win consider us even and I won?t ever ask you again for another tip.?
Sakura: ?and if I loose??
Ino: ?nothing at all, except you stay in the same situation you are now. With owing me two things and tons of tips I might ask of you.?
Sakura: ?so, if I loose. My life won?t be different.?
Ino: ?exactly. So what do you say, will you accept my deal??
Sakura: ?sure?
Ino: ?good?
Sakura: ?so, when does this battle start??
Ino: ?in ten minutes?
Sakura: ?then I must hurry and put on some clothes fast.?
Both girls get off the bed and stand off.
Ino: ?Sakura, wait before you put on some clothes I have a question.?
Sakura: ?cant it wait till I?m dressed??
Ino: ?no, it cant?
Sakura: ?okay, what is your question??
Ino: ?did you honestly like kissing me??
Sakura: ?no? she lied
Ino: ?then why did your pussy get wet after I asked you? Hmm??
Sakura: ?fine, you caught me. So I like it big frigin deal. Are you happy??
Ino: ?yep, you can know get changed now. But hurry up the battle begins in eight minutes.?
Sakura: ?um, Ino could you face my wall until I get changed please.?
Ino: ?why??
Sakura: ?I?m not comfortable with someone looking at my naked body while I?m changing.?
Ino: ?oh, you are shy. Okay than ill face the wall and not look but only because you asked so nicely. By the way you better hurry you only have 6 minutes left.?
Ino faces the wall and then Sakura starts putting on some clothes at rapid speed. Then Sakura finishes getting dressed.
Sakura: ?okay you can look now.?
Ino: ?great lets get going we don?t want you to be late.?
They both leave the room and then the house and made their way to the match. This was going to be at the gym.
Author?s notes?during the big hurry Sakura forgot something and you would find out what it was later in the story.
They both arrive at the entrance of the gym.
Sakura: ?its around 6:08 how do you expect to get in? Plus since its Sunday the gym stays locked.?
Ino: ?let?s just say the person is going to be judging your match lent me an extra key.?
Ino unlocks the door to the gym and as both girls step in Ino locks it behind her.
Sakura: ?why did you lock the door??
Ino: ?so no one can disturb your match and besides like you said before the gym is locked on Sunday?s.?
Sakura: ?ok, I guess that makes sense.
Sakura then notices she cannot see because there is no light in the gym.
Sakura: ?where is the light switch??
Ino: ?don?t worry I got it.?
Ino then flipped the light switch. This brightened up the gym.
Sakura: ?good I can see now but where is my opponent and the judge??
Ino: ?just wait and see? she said then made aloud whistle noise with two of her fingers in her mouth.
This signal made the judge come out.
Kurenai: ?oh, hello Ino. Glad to see you came on time.?
Ino: ?hi, is the opponent here??
Kurenai: ?yep, my student is in the training room of the gym?
The training room was located at the far end of the gym behind a red door.
Ino: ?good, ok Sakura get on the playing field.?
This was at the direct center of the gym.
Sakura made her way onto the playing field. While Ino made her way onto the balcony. Lastly, the judge Kurenai sat on the bleachers, which was away from the playing field against a wall. This way she could observe the whole battle.
Kurenai: so Sakura, are you ready to meet you are opponent or should I say one of my three students.
Sakura was thinking who could her opponent be. She knew thanks to Kurenai?s hint that it was one of her ?students?. This meant her opponent could be Kiba, Hinita, or Shino. If it was Shino, the fight not only would creepy but also hard. Then on the other hand if it was Kiba she would in for a howling time. Then if it was Hinita the battle would be a quick one and she would win easily because Hinita would probably be to shy to fight. Knowing that Hinita is shy, she doubted that she would even agree to a battle with her so Sakura ruled her out. Now that Sakura knew the possible opponents she could face she knew she was ready.
Sakura: ?ok, I?m ready.?
Kurenai: ?ok, Hinita come on in.?
As Hinita made her way to the opposite side of the playing field from Sakura, Sakura was in shock. The only person she believed would not show and she did.
Sakura: ?is this some kind of joke Ino? No offence Hinita.?
Hinita: ?none taken?
Ino: ?nope it?s the real deal,? she yelled to Sakura from the balcony.
Sakura: ?but why here??
Ino: ?your battling her because she thinks for some reason by battling against you, you?re going to cure her shyness.?
Kurenai: ?now that both opponents are set and before I begin the battle. I must tell you the rules for the this battle. There are two rules. First rule is there are no limit of time, weapons, heath, and so on that you can use. The second rule is that to win the match you have to make the other fighter given in a way. That is all. One, two, three, begin!?
This time Sakura did not make the first move Hinita did. Hinita ran towards Sakura and did a spinning leg kick at her but Sakura managed to jump out of the way. Sakura seeing Hinita coming charging at her. Had through a shinobi knife but it missed Hinita. Then Hinita through a shuriken which Sakura avoided by leaning against a wall.
Sakura: ?ha, you missed me?
Hinita: ?not quite?
The two shinobi knifes that were hiding in the shadow of the shuriken had managed to pin down Sakura arms. That is because as the shinobi knifes headed to Sakura she did not react. So the shinobi knifes went into the wall and caught both of Sakura?s sleeves in the process. That is how Sakura got her arms pinned against the wall.
Sakura: ?hey, I can?t move my arms?
Kurenai in her head: ?very clever move Hinita.?
As Sakura shook her legs trying to get free, Hinita through two more shinobi knifes that pinned Sakura by the socks. Leaving Sakura pinned up against the wall in a x position. Now Sakura was completely defenseless. Hinita then walked up to Sakura.
Sakura: ?go ahead hit me but I won?t give in.?
Hinita: ?silly Sakura I?m not going to do that?
Sakura: ?so, you?re going to let me go then??
Hinita: ?I?m not doing that either.?
Sakura: ?then what are you going to do with me??
Hinita: ?you will see?
Ino in her head: ?good job Hinita sticking with the plan I told you. Now make her give into you.?
Hinita then ripped Sakura?s shirt down the middle, exposing Sakura?s red bra.
Sakura: ?no anything but this? she said knowing what Hinita had in plan for her.
Then Hinita ripped off Sakura?s bra and the whole ripped bra fell.
Sakura: ?judge please tell me she can?t do this? she said in a desperate plea.
Kurenai: ?I cant it?s against the rules. Also I?m enjoying the sight of your well devolved b breasts.?
Sakura: ?great. Oh no I think I forgot my??
Hinita then rips off Sakura black shorts.
Sakura: ?underwear? she said finishing her sentence
Hinita: ?save your self the embarrassment and give into me now.?
Sakura: ?no I wont?
Hinita: ?suite you?re self. Then I will make you.?
Hinita then surrounded her mouth around Sakura left nipple and started a slow sucking sensation.
Sakura: ?oh? she groaned
Ino could not stop fidgeting at watching this scene unfold before her. Therefore, she decided to get rid of it. She then places her left hand down into her pants and into her underwear. Then inserted two fingers in her virginia and gradually began to finger fuck her self as she watched Sakura and Hinita getting it on. Ino started to groan a lot from the pleasure. Therefore, Kurenai glanced up at Ino.
Kurenai in her head: ?you could stop your self, could you.? She said then redirected her attention on Sakura and Hinita.
Sakura?s and Ino?s pussy?s were getting really wet. Then Hinita started flickering her tongue on Sakura?s left small nipple. Earning even more groans from Sakura. Both Sakura?s and Ino?s faces were starting to get red. then Hinita switch to Sakura?s right breast because her left nipple was now erect. Then Hinita while sucking Sakura nipple used three of her fingers and finger fucked Sakura?s minge.
Hinita: ?are you ready to give in to me now??
Sakura: ?no? she said fighting back all the great pleasure, she was receiving.
Hinita: ?ok then?
She tripled the speed of her finger fucking on Sakura as well as doubling that speed with her sucking on Sakura?s nipple.
Sakura: ?ahh that fell wonderful I?m going to..?
Hinita: ?yes??
Sakura: ?give in? and she orgasm 3 times in a row. While Ino who was, still watching them still had not had even one orgasm yet.
Kurenai: ?I?m proud to say Hinita is the winner. Sorry Sakura your still in Ino?s control?
Sakura in her head: ?how did she know that, unless Ino told her before the match started. Yeah, she figured that it.
Hinita: ?Sakura, thanks for helping me loose my shyness.?
Sakura: ?your welcomed. Now get me down from here.? She said out of breath.
Hinita then got her down.
Sakura: ?thanks.?
Ino while still finger fucking her made her way down to Sakura.
Ino: ?ok Sakura, since you lost you can start by laying down.?
Sakura laid down on her back.
Then Ino remover fingers from her pussy. Then used both hands and pulled down her pants and underwear.
Ino: ?now, help me reach a climax? she said impatiently at then placed her virgina on Sakura mouth.
Then Sakura starting her tongue in and out of Ino?s pussy and then after a couple darts and wiggles of the tongue Ino orgasm all over Sakura?s face. Thanks.
Sakura and Ino both wake up after a three-hour sleep. Ino stands up and pulls up her underwear and pants.
Sakura: ?hey Ino?
Ino: ?yes?
Sakura: ?by any chance, did you bring me an extra pair of clothes did change into? Because I really want to go home now and take a long soothing shower.?
Ino: ?as a matter of fact I did.? She then makes her way over to the bleachers, reaches underneath one of the seats, grabs the clothes, and made her way back to Sakura.
Ino: ? here you go,? she says as she hands the clothes over to Sakura.
Sakura: ?thank you. However, could not you get me something different from what I normally where? Instead of the same thing I have on, except its not ripped up.?
Ino: ? hey, if your going to complain. Ill be more than gladly to take back what I had generously given. Then try and go home while walking down the streets while guys looking at your naked body through your ripped clothes you have on.?
Sakura: ?on second thought I couldn?t be happier with these extra clothes.?
Ino: ?that?s what I thought you would say.?
Sakura then takes off all her clothes that she was wearing leaving her naked. Ino was getting a little horny as she watched Sakura strip naked but she did not show it. Then Sakura redressed herself with the clothes that Ino gave her.
Sakura: ?Alright now that I?m dressed I?m going home.?
Ino: ?ok, good luck, five, four, three, two, one?
Sakura: ?hey Ino, the door is locked. Do you mind unlocking it?? she said complete forgetting that she watched Ino lock the door earlier on today.
Ino: ?no, I don?t mind? she unlocks the door and then opens the door for Sakura. Then after Sakura and her exited she closed the door.
Sakura: ?bye Ino? she said as she departed down the street to her home.
Ino: ?bye?
As soon as Sakura was no longer in sight Ino took out her cell from her left pant pocket. Called a number and said, ?proceed as planned? and then hung up, then shoved the phone back into her pocket. Ino then satisfied, made her way home.
Once Sakura was home and in her room, she stripped off all her clothes. Then made her way to her bathroom located in her room and shut the door behind her. After that Sakura then opened her sliding glass door to her shower and stepped inside. Before she turned on the shower she closed the glass door, then proceed to shampoo her hair. All of a sudden, Sakura felt a surge of pleasure start rippling through her body. Almost as if there was a person in there with her slowly caressing her naked body but as she looked around her she saw no one. So seeing no one she decided to ignore it and continued rubbing shampoo in her hair. Then out of no where she feels like she was just kissed and again she looked around but no one was there.
Sakura: ?ok, I?m a little creeped out her?
Despite her fears she finished shampooing, her hair was about to rub soap all over body but could not find it. Then she felt something in-between her legs. As she looked down, she saw it was the soap floating in mid air cleaning her legs. Now she was pretty-darn sure some one was in there with her. Her first thought was that it was Naruto using an invisible jutsu.
Sakura: ?alright, Naruto you had your fun. Now show yourself you little pervert. Therefore, I can totally kick your ass!
After Sakura said that she, her someone says, ?reappear?. But she was completely shocked to find out it wasn?t in their with her it was another girl, who was completely naked.
Sakura: ?Tsuchi what on earth are you doing her in my shower. Scratch that, are you here because of Ino??
Tsuchi: ?yes, I am.?
Sakura: ?oh great!? she said sarcastically
Tsuchi: ?I was sent her by Ino to rape you? she said
Sakura: ?I have to get rapped again? Ohh.? she faints from shock.
After 10 minutes, Sakura wakes up only to find Tsuchi still with her in the shower.
Sakura: ?so, what exactly do I get out of this?? she asks
Tsuchi: ?to repay Ino for one of the two payments you owe her?
Sakura: ?that?s great in all; but do you really have to rape me? I was already rapped by Temari.? She said
Tsuchi: ?yes and no?
Sakura: ?what do you mean??
Tsuchi: ?what I mean to say is that I could just have easy calm sex with you instead of hard brutal sex like Ino wanted me to do; but I still would have to take your remaining virginity in your pussy. You understand??
Sakura: ?yes I do?
Tsuchi: ?so, which one do you want me to do my version of the job or Ino?s with the rough sex??
Sakura: ?yours?
Tsuchi: ?now that that sorted out, the only remaining question is, do you want me to take your virginity first or start off with easy going sex??
Sakura: ?let me think??
Sakura thinks for a while and comes to an answer.
Sakura: ?before I give you my answer I have a question.?
Tsuchi: ?yes??
Sakura: ?can I start off with some easy going sex, then you take my virginity, and we finish off with easy going sex??
Tsuchi: ?if that is what you want sure.?
Sakura: ?great?
Tsuchi with out warning pushes Sakura up against the shower wall. Then started placing kisses on Sakura?s mouth and traveled to her neck. Sakura threw her head back in pleasure. Then Tsuchi made her way south to Sakura?s breasts. She placed her mouth on Sakura right nipple and started a powerful sucking motion with her mouth.
Sakura: ?boy Tsuchi {pant}, you are really good {pant}.?
Tsuchi taking quick break from her sucking said.
Tsuchi: ?In my home land love making is something you need to be perfect at.?
Tsuchi then continued Sakura?s right nipple although it was erect now. Then Tsuchi took her left hand, brought it to Sakura?s left breast, and began to slowly massage it. Then after a while Tsuchi then began to slowly bite Sakura?s right nipple. Earning more groans from Sakura. Then while she was teething on Sakura a little Tsuchi stopped massaging Sakura?s left boob and instead took her index and thumb from her left hand and placed them on Sakura?s left nipple. Then casually began to play with it. She started with a gentle squeezing then started twisting it a little. Sakura was really, I mean really enjoying the sensation that she was receiving. Then Tsuchi stopped what she was doing with Sakura?s boobs, looked at the inside of Sakura?s legs through the water, and saw that Sakura?s pussy was wet.
Tsuchi: ?ok you are officially ready for me to take your virginity now.?
Sakura: ?now? Cant we keep going for a little while longer?? she said pleading
Tsuchi: ?no.?
Sakura groaned in disappointment.
Sakura: ?how can you take my virginity when you don?t even have a strap on??
Tsuchi: ?that easy ill start off by slowly finger fucking you slowly adding in all of my finger from my left hand. Then when they are all in I will shove my whole fist in your snatch. That will surly take away your virginity for sure.?
Sakura: ?that will really hurt. I have never been fist fucked before.?
Tsuchi: ?too bad for you?
Tsuchi than started off with a three finger fuck. In and out they went. This was driving Sakura mad with pleasure. Then Tsuchi added her four fingers and quickened her pace. Now Sakura sweat was starting to really downpour off her face. Then Tsuchi placed in her last finger in Sakura?s minge. Now Sakura knew this was the last finger before the fist invasion. Soon enough after five minutes of intensive five finger fucking Tsuchi?s fist slipped in Sakura?s virgina.
Sakura: ?owww!? she screamed.
Tsuchi: ?do not worry the pain will go away soon?.
A little blood was starting to fall out of Sakura?s virginia only to be washed away by the water. Then after a couple fists slamming Sakura?s virginia stopped bleeding and hurting her.
Sakura: ?wow this feels great,? she said now enjoying the fist fucking.
Sakura was moaning unbelievably now. Tsuchi after a couple more rams with her fist she when removed it from Sakura?s pussy. As soon Tsuchi took out Sakura?s pussy made a wet popping noise. Then Tsuchi left her hand in the water. So that Sakura?s blood that was on her, hand would slide off. Then as soon as her hand was cleaned Tsuchi asked Sakura a question.
Tsuchi: ?how was it??
Sakura: ?Better than a dildo that?s for sure?
Tsuchi: ?I?m glad you liked it.?
Then Tsuchi pushed Sakura?s body one again against the wall. Then she started to grind her naked body against Sakura?s. Now for once both girls were feeling pleasure.
Tsuchi: ?ohh Sakura your body feel so nice and warm?
Sakura: ?thanks? she said then blushed.
Then Sakura had an idea to repay Tsuchi back for all that pleasure she gave her. She grabbed the showerhead and gently held in place in between Tsuchi?s virginia.
Tsuchi: ?thank you Sakura?
Sakura: ?my pleasure?
After 40 minutes of feeling the water shoot out towards Tsuchi?s pussy plus the grinding she at last orgasm. Then thanked Sakura with a long kiss on the lips. That kiss helped Sakura reach her orgasm as well. Then after they both finished orgasming they took turns using the showerhead to clean them self?s off. Then thy both stepped out the shower and dried off, before they entered Sakura?s room.
Sakura: ?will you tell Ino I only owe her one thing now??
Tsuchi: ?will do? and with that she blew a kiss to Sakura. Then turned back into being invisible and left Sakura?s house threw Sakura?s window.
Sakura: ?that was fun,? she said before she went off to sleep.
After eight hours of sleep, Sakura is wakened up a phone call. So, she then turns over in her bed and reaches over to answer the phone.
Ino: ?good morning Sakura. I?m glad to hear you?re awake.? She said over the phone.
Sakura: ?go get sleep Ino I?m still tired from fucking Tsuchi?
Ino: ?I bet you are. She told me you did a good job on her too. So, by having sex with her you made up for me seeing you masturbate. But you still owe me for dreaming of fucking me.?
Sakura: ?I know can I get some sleep now.?
Ino: ?sure if you want. But I just called to let you know I have Sasuke at my house.?
Sakura?s ears perked up at the sound of Sasuke.
Sakura: ?what about Sasuke?? she said now more awake.
Ino: ?oh nothing except he asked me to call you so you could come over and fuck him.?
Before Ino could finish that sentence Sakura hung up and got out of bed. Then at lighting speed got dressed and made her way over to Ino?s home.
Ino now realizing she heard a phone hung up.
Ino: ?hello Sakura, are you still on the line? Hello? she said over the phone. But heard no reply so hung up.
Ino: ?sorry Sasuke, she hung up on me. How ever I?m available to be fucked by you.?
Sasuke: ?sorry Ino. My offer only goes out to Sakura.?
Ino in her head: ?Sakura I?m going to kill you for this.? She said feeling her heart being ripped out.
Then Ino heard a nock on her front door, exited her room, and went down stairs to answer it. Ino opened the door. But was shocked to see that it was Sakura.
Ino: ?boy, that was fast?
Sakura: ?can I come in?? she said a little winded
Ino: ?sure?
Ino closes the door as soon as Sakura enters.
Sakura: ?were is Sasuke??
Ino: ?he is in my room?
Sakura: ?which is??
Ino: ?just go up these stairs and it is the second door on your left.?
Again before she could finish Sakura bolted up the stairs and headed to Ino?s room.
Sakura: ?Sasuke I?m coming? she said still climbing the stairs.
Ino then suddenly thought she could not afford to miss seeing Sasuke naked. So, she also ran to her room. But unlucky for Ino as soon as she made it up to her bedroom door she turned the knob only to find it was locked. Sakura must have beat her upstairs entered the bedroom and locked the door to keep Ino out.
Ino: ?Sakura, open this door right now? she said pounding on the door.
But Sakura ignored her. Then saw Sasuke on Ino?s bed naked. Sakura wasted no time, stripped off all her clothes, and joined Sasuke on Ino?s bed.
Sakura: ?Sasuke you?re so big? she said glancing at his now fully erect dick.
Sasuke: ?I know it was 11 inches last time I measured it toda…

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Naruto Porn Story: Nilf – Chapter 10

Naruto Porn Story: Nilf – Chapter 10

Nilf is written by EroSlackerMicha on fanfiction.net this is a fem naruto ayame pairing

Naruto had spent the morning helping Moegi wash up and made her breakfast before carrying her home where he left her under orders from Shizune who had stopped by again and gave her some medication as well as another check up. Of course he left a small platoon of shadow clones to take care of Moegi who was ordered to relax for the day, those orders came directly from the Hokage.

Naruto stopped home a quick transformation replaced himself with a busty raven haired beauty he dubbed Riku.

Riku dressed in cargo pants and a top that was stretched tight over her breasts that would equal Tsunade.

With a shunshin she vanished and reappeared in the storage room of Ichiraku’s Ramen.

“Naruto-kun!” Riku was engulfed in a hug by Ayame.

“Yame-chan. And it’s Riku when I’m like this.” The raven haired beauty reminded the ramen waitress.

“Of course.” Ayame said and stole a quick kiss before handing her an apron.

The pair walked into the kitchen. “They know you’re working today.” Ayame said and Riku’s purple colored eyes peeked around the doorway and saw there was already a full bar.

“This always happens when your dad goes away.” Riku said with a sigh.

Then with a grin “Are you ready?”

Ayame tied on her own apron, a matching grin on her face. “Of course.”

They smirked as Ayame entered and turned on the radio.

She started taking orders as Riku opened the divider that separated the kitchen and the counter. She spun the order rack as she started the stove.

She started humming with the song and shimmied around as she cut vegetables and meat up.

Ayame smiled as she clipped the first several orders up and spun it. “Two miso, one beef, one vegetable and one plain.”

Riku bobbed her head, her topknot jiggled and the tiny bells weaved in jingled.

“Order up.” She said a moment later.

“Hey Riku-chan!” one of the customers called.

“What is it Nitka?”

“Why aren’t you married to someone yet?” chuckles from the others brought a smile to Riku’s lips.

“Told you last time, I like being free. Besides, what man can compete with the beauty of Yame-chan.”

The waitress knew it was coming, but still blushed.

“Riku-chan stop. I told you I’m spoken for.” Ayame said this got the attention of the men at the counter.

“Who stole you from us Ayame.” One of them asked.

She laughed. “Not telling.” She put the rest of the orders down and turned to look at Riku who smirked.

The morning passed keeping them busy. Ayame and Riku put on a show of dancing which had several of the men leaving large tips and leaving the ramen stand in a daze when Riku had stolen a kiss from Ayame. Which had knocked many of them out.

“Afternoon Ayame-chan.”

Riku peeked over the counter divider and saw Shikamaru and Choji.

“Hey boys.” Ayame greeted them.

She filled their water and waited.

“Have you seen Naruto?” Shikamaru asked.

Choji looked and saw a beautiful dark haired girl behind the counter. “Yeah, he was supposed to work today.”

Ayame shrugged. “He had something important to do.” She gestured to Riku. “This is a former school mate of mine. Riku, this is Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara. Choji fills in for me lately while I work at the tower.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Riku said. And she just couldn’t seem to help herself. “So you both know Naruto-kun?”

“We graduated with him from the ninja academy. Did you ever go?” Shikamaru said.

“Me a ninja? Oh Kami no.” Riku said with laugh. “I tend to trip over my own feet, and my aim is lousy.”

“So what do you do?” Choji asked.

“Well, I fill in as a cook or waitress with Teuchi-san is away. I don’t really need to work as my parents died leaving me a nice little life insurance policy.” Riku shrugged and finished making the fresh pot of ramen and slipped the bowls onto the counter. “Order up Yame-chan.”

Ayame gave her a look before turning around.

“So, Naruto?” Shikamaru asked.

Ayame shook her head. “He said he would make it up, and Riku here doesn’t mind working with me.”

Both girls smirked.

Shikamaru sighed and muttered “Troublesome” as he and Choji went on to eat, the Nara eating slowly while Choji was like a living vacuum and downed three bowls.

“Wow Akimichi-san, you have a healthy appetite.” Riku said as she filled up several more bowls.

“That’s nothing.” Ayame said with a smirk. “Naruto holds the record of one hundred and seven bowls of ramen in under an hour.”

Choji grumbled about it was unnatural.

“Naruto-kun is a character.”

“Yes.” Shikamaru said and under the counter tried to cancel a genjutsu but nothing happened and Riku showed no signs of feeling the chakra expenditure.

“So Riku.” Choji asked as he waited for more ramen. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Both Ayame and Riku laughed. Ayame explained. “You wouldn’t have a chance Choji. Riku-chan here isn’t into boys.”

Both Nara and Akimichi blinked. “Not into boys…” Shikamaru said.

“Nope. I like women.” Riku said.

Choji blinked. “You’re a-a-a-a…”

“Lesbian.” Riku supplied and smiled as Choji got a faraway look.

Shikamaru shook his head. “Choji.”

Nothing as the larger man just made a gurgling sound.

“Choji!” Shikamaru tried. “Aw man. He’s gone to his happy place.” Shikamaru groaned and paid for their food.

“Happy place?” Riku asked.

“Yeah.” Shikamaru didn’t explain.

“Does it involve naked women covered in food offering Choji an all you can eat buffet?”

The Akimichi heir blew back from the nose bleed and Shikamaru sighed and nodded.

“Come on Choji.” Shikamaru said struggling to lift his powerful friend. “You can sleep it off atop the lookout.”

Ayame and Riku watched them go and waited a bit before breaking down and laughing.

“You are evil.’

Riku smirked. “Whatever they want Naruto for can’t be good. Shika looked like he was upset about something.”

Ayame nodded and they quickly cleaned the dishes and prepared for the afternoon crowd.

Riku elbow deep in dishwater was shaking her hips and singing along with the radio.

“Life is a highway…I wanna ride it all night long.”

Ayame smiled and turned hearing the flap open. “Oh, Lady Tsunade.”

Riku froze for a moment then pulled her arms from the water and dried them up.

“What would you like today?” Ayame asked.

“I was looking for Naruto. I thought he was supposed to be here.” The Hokage said her honey colored eyes spotting Riku. “And who is this?”

“Oh, um…” Ayame faulted for a moment.

“Hi, I’m Riku. I’m filling in as cook.” She said keeping the counter and bar between her and the Hokage. “Wow Yame-chan, you never told me the Hokage ate here.”

Tsunade looked at her for a moment. “I find that after knowing Naruto for so many years its become an acquired taste.”

Riku laughed. “Popular guy.”

At Tsunade’s look Ayame told her that Shikamaru and Choji were looking for the blond earlier.

“I see.” Tsunade had a very good clue as she spotted Hiashi and Kiba on the streets as well.

“I’ll take a pork ramen and a small jug of sake.” Tsunade ordered.

Ayame placed the order and got the small jug from under the bar. It wasn’t much, about 12 fluid ounces.

“So Ayame have you cornered him yet?” Tsunade asked.

The ramen waitress shook her head. “Nope, but soon.” She said with a grin.

“Well you better keep yourself hydrated. Shizune was telling me how he wore out poor Moegi.”

The Hokage noticed Riku listening in. “How about you?”

“Me what?”

“You going to chase after Naruto?”

Riku snorted. “No. Can I chase you?”

Tsunade blinked.

“Riku-chan likes women.” Ayame explained.

Tsunade shook her head. “Aren’t I a little old for you girlie?”

“Nah. You’re like a fine wine. Aged to perfection.” Riku fired back putting the ramen on the counter. “Order up.”

Tsunade ate and studied the raven haired girl as she ate.

Riku went back to doing the morning dishes and Ayame had brought out more supplies from the cooler.

“Very nice.” The Hokage said and put her money on the counter. She turned to leave and stopped.

“Oh, and Riku.”

The raven haired girl looked at her. “Nice disguise Naruto, but remember I’ve seen your sexy jutsu. You changed the eye color and hair color.” And with that the Hokage was gone.

Riku and Ayame blinked.

“How did she…”

Riku laughed. “Only Tsunade.” She grinned.

Ayame shook her head. “What if anyone else…”

Riku waved a hand. “Most people when they saw Naruto’s sexy jutsu were blown away because she was naked.”

Ayame got a far away look. “Hey now. work first, perv later.” Riku scolded.

“Bet your sweet ass I’ll perv later.” Ayame muttered.


They closed the shop and Ayame stretched. “Its always busy when you’re here as Riku.”

The raven haired girl smiled. “But you love it.”

Ayame and Riku walked the street. “Dad’s staying at the bazaar over night and will be back tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to help till he gets back?” the purple eyes looked at Ayame.

“Nah. I’ll be good.”

They reached Ayame’s apartment and after unlocking the door they slipped inside.

Riku closed the door and turned around only to be kissed deeply by Ayame.

Their tongues battled for a bit before the waitress sighed. “Other than that kiss this morning I’ve been dying to do that to you all day.”

Riku smiled and traced a hand over Ayame’s cheek. “How about a massage?”

“Oh Kami yes.” Ayame said.

She went to strip and came back wrapped in a towel while Riku was down to a pair of boxers and no top, which got Ayame to drool a bit.

“You worked all day without a bra!”

Riku shrugged. “My shirt’s to tight and I wouldn’t know where to begin on buying a proper bra.”

Ayame groaned. “I’ll take you shopping. You really need clothes for a girl Naruto.”

“Right now I’m Riku still. Now lay down.”

Ayame climbed atop her table and shivered as the towel was opened. Riku’s slender hands slowly began to kneed her shoulders and Ayame let out a moan.

“Now, now. Yame-chan if you keep sounding like that and we’ll bypass the massage.” Riku said giving Ayame’s ass a swat.

Ayame relaxed as Riku’s hands worked their magic on her neck, shoulders, back, then she massaged her legs and Ayame moaned as the raven haired girl massaged her feet.

“Give you an eternity to never stop.”

Riku chuckled. “Last time someone told me not to stop I needed to call Shizune.”

“So its true. You fucked Moegi raw.”

Riku shrugged. “Yeah.”

“Are you alright?” Ayame asked.

“Yeah. Nothing the healing factor couldn’t fix. I left shadow clones with Moegi to be her servants until she’s able to stand.”

Ayame let out another moan as Riku’s hands melted the tension from her body. Getting a impish grin, she waited and rolled over, Riku’s hands were on her breasts.

The dark haired girl raised an eyebrow and then slowly began to massage Ayame’s breasts and ribs.

Ayame moaned and arched into her touch. Riku smiled and leaned in stealing another kiss.

“Mmm.” Ayame moaned as her own hands grabbed Riku’s cheeks. “Forget the damned massage.”

Riku smiled as she picked her up with ease and carried her to the bedroom.

She placed Ayame on the bed and looked around. “You redecorated.”

“Mmm-hm.” Ayame said. “Toy box is in the closet.”

She watched as Riku pulled out the slender box and opened it.

A soft hum filled the room and Riku’s hands came from the box holding a vibrator. “You know, if I was a guy right now this would be so wrong.” Riku said and then slowly began to tease Ayame’s breasts with the vibrator, lightly touching her nipples, slowly moving the vibrator in a circular pattern.

Ayame bit her lip and turned her head as she fought for control, but her body was responding and she felt the vibrator being dragged down her stomach and Riku teased her thighs and the opening of her vagina.

The dark haired girl ran the vibrator across the lips of Ayame’s vagina, parting the lips and smiled as the brunette bucked her hips.

Riku slowly inserted the head of the vibrator and Ayame moaned. Riku slowly worked the vibrator in, pausing at every inch and testing different angles lifting or lowering the base, turning the speeds from high to low.

Ayame was arching her back and Riku knew that she was taunt as a guitar string as she began her assault moving the vibrator all the way in and then pulled it out till only the tip was inside. The speeds and angles changed and Riku smiled as Ayame was incoherent when her orgasm hit.

She slowly pulled the vibrator out and shut it off.

“How was that Yame-chan?”


Riku smiled as she rose and went to wash off the vibrator. She came back and saw the bed was empty.

“Now where did…” was as far as Riku got before being tackled, which landed her on the bed.

“There’s my naughty vixen.” Ayame’s voice purred into her ear.

“Yame-chan.” Riku said in a warning voice.

“It’s only fair Riku-chan.” Ayame said and Riku sighed. “You’re the only one I let do this to me.”
Ayame kissed her shoulder Riku shivered as she heard the vibrator being turned on. She was allowed to roll over and saw Ayame was sitting next to her.

“You’ll let me..”

Riku put a hand on her thigh. “I trust you Yame-chan.”

The waitress gave her a watery smile.

“Hey, no tears. You cry, I’ll cry and we can’t have that.”

Ayame laughed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “I’m sorry. Its just that you trust me so much to do this for me.”

Riku smiled. “Come on, before I chicken out…again.”

Ayame laughed and slowly teased Riku’s D-cup sized breasts. She always liked the sounds Riku made when they did this. While she teased the other girls breasts, she leaned down and blew lightly on the neatly trimmed vagina.

“This always feels weird.” Riku said and then moaned as Ayame moved around and held the vibrator against her lower lips.

“It gives you the woman’s perspective.” Ayame said.

“Truuuuuue.” Riku said with a moan as Ayame slipped the vibrator in and held it there.

“But I’ll never let a guy touch me.” Riku panted as Ayame began to move the vibrator.

Suddenly she stopped and left in place Riku bucked her hips at the sensation and watched as Ayame went to the toy box. She came back with a twin headed vibrator.

“W-What are you…”

Ayame smiled as she pulled out the vibrator and then after sitting herself between Riku’s legs she inserted the head of one end into her self and the other in Riku and turned it on.

“Oh!” Riku gasped as the vibrator moved on its own making her think of a snake. Ayame gasped at the sensations and moved herself closer.

“Together.” She said and Riku gasped at the sensations.

It didn’t take long before she had her orgasm, Ayame followed a moment later.

The vibrator kept going and Riku moaned and as she felt Ayame pull it from her.

Ayame didn’t waste time as she attacked Riku’s snatch with her tongue and Riku still tingling from the orgasm moaned and bucked and melted into the older girls tongue.

Ayame smiled and continued to work her tongue and fingers she was always amazed at the level of trust given to her by Riku.

She lapped up Riku’s second orgasm and waited for the girl to get her breathing under control.

Once Riku’s heaving chest slowed Ayame smiled as she lay herself opposite of Riku at the other end of the bed and slid until the lips of their womanhoods touched.

“This always feels weird.” Riku muttered and took Ayame’s hand as they started to grind together.

Ayame tilted her head back and groaned at the sensations. They continued to grind their snatches together and Ayame yelped when Riku tickled the bottom of her foot.

“Bitch!” she said and laughed. During this time Ayame brought several more toys out. A string of beads that they played tug of war with between their wet crotches. Riku moaning as Ayame gave a hard tug that sent jolts across both their vagina’s. “Cut that out.” Riku moaned. Ayame grabbed a double headed vibrator that was solid unlike the snake one and inserted an end in herself and the other in Riku, securing the straps around her thigh and after turning it on slowly began to move.

Riku moaned out as Ayame’s own moans and motions joined hers and it didn’t take long from all their previous playing for both to orgasm.

Ayame moved the vibrator and shut it off and tossed it aside to wash later. She climbed up and hovered over Riku.

“Change.” She said

“Are you sure?” Riku asked.

Ayame nodded with a smile.

A puff of smoke and Naruto was laying there. “I’m always amazed when I see it happen.” Ayame said.

The whisker marked blond looked at her, his bangs like Riku’s were sweaty. Ayame brushed them aside. “I always feel weird changing back after you do that to me.” Naruto admitted.

Ayame leaned down and kissed him. “Thank you.” She trailed kisses down his body saying “Thank you” after each kiss and he gasped as Ayame took his dick into her mouth and slowly began to suck him off.

It always amazed him how Ayame who preferred women could be with him and how skilled she was when she was with him and not Riku.

Naruto groaned as his cock hardened and Ayame brought him close then would stop, letting it build and then return to deep throat him once more.

“Ayame-chan!” he moaned her name as he felt the pressure build for the fourth time and she stopped.

“Shhh. I know what I’m doing.” She said.

“So do I. Your driving me mad.” Naruto said and she crawled up his body hovered there. “You’re the only man I love.” She said as she lowered herself onto him.

“Your always so tight.” Naruto groaned and Ayame clenched harder and Naruto groaned as each inch was a fight and Naruto was going to claim Ayame the winner when their pelvises touched.

Ayame was panting, her hands on his chest.

“Not as nice as Riku’s.” Ayame teased.

Naruto reached up and palmed hers. “I prefer yours.” He said giving her melons a squeeze.

Ayame arched into his touch. “I do love you Naruto.” She said. “Both as a man and as Riku.” She moaned.

She gave her hips a bit of a motion and Naruto groaned at the sensation. “You girls are going to kill me.”

“But what a way to go, heh?” Ayame teased as she slowly began her motions, her hands covering Naruto’s on her breasts squeezing his hands and her breasts.

Ayame smiled as she rode Naruto, it wasn’t fast or wild, it reminded her of the time she rode a horse.

“Ayame-chan.” Naruto chanted her name with each thrust as he added his own motions, the single bed began to rock under their motions and Ayame smiled as the bed posts banged the wall.


“Naruto-kun.” Ayame purred his name. While she would never be with another man, Naruto was a class all to himself and she smiled as she looked down at him, his blue eyes watching her.

“NA-RU-TO-KUUUUUNNNN!” Ayame screamed out his name as she climaxed, she felt Naruto’s own rush up and she collapsed atop of him, her breathing heavy.

“My sweet Yame-chan.” He said giving her a grin.


The made love twice more before Ayame had to go to sleep for real as she had to work in the morning.

Naruto had made to leave but she stopped him. “Stay.”

He nodded and without encouragement transformed back into Riku. Ayame smiled as she snuggled into Riku’s ample chest, giving a teasing lick to a nipple before she fell asleep.

Riku laid there for a bit, her violet eyes watching the girl in her arms. “I love you to Yame-chan.” She said softly and smiled at the bracelet around the brunette’s wrist. Her eyes went to the used toys that also included beads, the two-headed vibrator and the usual vibrator. Her eyes went to the flexible one and shuddered as she recalled the sensations. “I’m going to need therapy one of these days.” Riku muttered then got a soft grin that fit her features as she gazed at the slumbering Ayame.

“Maybe next time we’ll use the oils.” Riku said and noticed the soft smile on Ayame’s lips.

Riku drifted off to sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring and who would be coming at Naruto next.

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Naruto Porn Story: "Naruto’s day off"

This story is originally written ANBU-san on fanfiction.net

It was Naruto’s day off and he was bored, and a bored Naruto is a bad thing, after all his best pranks happened during or just after history class during the academy.

Naruto considered going out for ramen, but that didn’t catch his fancy, the girl at the stand did though. ‘I wouldn’t mind eating her…’ thought Naruto with a small trickle of blood coming from his nose.

Lost in his heavily perverted thought he didn’t see Hinata in his way and accidentally bumped into her.

“Ah! Sorry Hinata-chan, I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s alright Naruto-kun” she replied softly, then it hit her.

“Na..Na..Naruto-kun” she managed to mumble before feinting.

Not being a bad guy Naruto couldn’t just leave a girl in the middle of the road ‘someone might kidnap her and touch her and… make her feed them ramen made by Ayame-chan who they’d have work in their kitchen, naked and….’ Cue trickle of blood.

‘No Naruto, bad, no thoughts of naked girls and ramen. Walk it off, just walk it off.’ And he would have but he had to do something with Hinata. “I know I’ll take her home and then work off my boner!” He exclaimed, abit too loudly, in a crowded street, in the middle of the day.

Getting strange looks from passers by, he quickly grabbed the unconscious girl and ran off.

Naruto, by some miracle knew where Hinata lived, he jumped the wall and ran around the back of the compound looking through each window as he went, searching for her bedroom.

‘Plain white bedroom… Plain white bedroom… Plain white bedroom…Bigger white bedroom…strange dark room that has all bondage equipment that any kinky person could ever wish for… Plain white bedroom… Plain white bedroom …Slightly frilly pink bedroom, this must be it’

Continue reading

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